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Julia child meets
the physics lab
UCLA professor Amy Rowat
('98,'99) uses food to illustrate
complex ideas
cleaning up the
sydney tar ponds
Kevin MacDonald ('75) is leading
one of the country's most
prominent remediation projects
Mount Allison graduate,
new Brunswick native,
and philanthropist
Wallace McCain ('52)
went on to
become one of the country's most successful entrepreneurs
prior to passing away in 2011. Journalist Alec Bruce takes
a closer look at the man -- and family -- behind some of
Canada's best-known companies.
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Fa L L 2011
uniquely canadian
Deborah Colvin ('77) creates
special edition Canada Day
beer packaging for
Scotland's Innis & Gunn
power play
Former Hockey Mountie
Richard Smit ('97) and the
world's fastest game
Wallace McCain with wife Margaret