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34 / Fall 2011 / RECORD
teaching at CNHS for nine years and counting;
loving every minute of it. Just completed my
Master's in Ed. (admin). I've been coaching
track & field, running a video club and ISCF
group. Also, I put out my third album this sum-
mer. Look for it on iTunes (hopefully). I want
to say a big "Hello!" to my class and especially
to the Garnet & Gold musical members! Good
times y'all! Lovin' life!"
Alan MacNaughton ('99)
(Beers) MacNaughton ('99)
are pleased to
announce the birth of their second daughter,
Emily Mae, on May 18 '11. Their oldest daugh-
ter, Rebecca Lynn (two years old), is having
fun being a great big sister!
Josh McWilliam ('02)
Lisa (Langhorne)
McWilliam ('04)
welcomed their first child,
Madison Olivia Grace McWilliam, on July 23 '11.
Becky (McEachern) Lett ('02)
writes, "It
was a beautiful spring day full of Prairie
sunshine when I married the love of my
life, Eric Lett. We enjoyed a small intimate
ceremony in Winnipeg at the wonderful Place
Louis Riel hotel and celebrated that evening
with friends and family. Only thing missing
were Allisonians but I know the girls from the
French House and the other Satellites were
there with me in spirit. Would love to hear
from anyone who remembers me."
Uli Schermaul
Kathrin Christine
(Hoehn) Schermaul
, both exchange stu-
dents from Germany to Mount Allison in 2001,
were married on campus on Aug 12 '11.
The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) has
Camille Labchuk ('05)
one of seven
international Advancement of Animal Law Schol-
arships for her outstanding work in the growing
field of animal law. Camille is entering her third
year at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law,
where she is co-president of the school's Student
Animal Legal Defense Fund chapter.
Kate Beaton ('05)
has released a new col-
lection of historical and political cartoons
entitled Hark! A Vagrant. Beaton's comics
have appeared in Harper's Magazine, the
National Post, and the New Yorker, and her web
site sees over 1.2 million hits monthly (www. Hark! A Vagrant is pub-
lished by Drawn and Quarterly.
Katie MacLeod ('07)
was awarded her mas-
ter's of Architecture from Dalhousie University
on May 25 '11.
Carmen Moreira ('08)
graduated from the
London Contemporary Dance School this year
and has been hired as co-ordinator of growth,
development, and operations for the com-
pany Dance Tours International (DTI) in both
Canada and the UK. DTI works in co-ordina-
tion with Royal Ballet.
Chris Chu ('08)
graduated from the Univer-
sity of Maine School of Law with a Juris Doctor
degree and is currently studying for the bar
while working at a law firm.
Meghan Casey ('09)
Nicole Leon ('10)
are currently education students at Crandall
University in Moncton, NB. As part of their
teaching internships, the pair traveled to Aus-
tralia for two months to see what teaching is
like on the other side of the world (very differ-
ent, if you were wondering!).
After meeting in Edwards House in '05,
Holmen ('09)
Andrew MacDonald ('08)
were married on June 18 '11 in Winnipeg. In
attendance were best man
Tim O'Grady ('06)
Allison (Jensen) O'Grady ('05)
Charters ('09)
, and
Heather Milne ('09)
Andrew and Martha currently live in Toronto.
Martha Paterson ('06)
competed at the
Canadian Ultimate Frisbee National Champion-
ships and won -- her team will become Team
Canada for the World Championships in Japan
next July. She writes, "Even though my time as
a Mountie soccer player has long since passed,
the program shaped my athletic future greatly.
Although, Ultimate Frisbee is not quite soccer, I
continue to draw inspiration from my time in a
Mountie jersey and will do so next July in Japan
when I get to wear a Team Canada jersey."
Keeley Haftner's ('11)
artwork, "Praxis
(fifth edition)" has been selected as the New
Brunswick winner of BMO Financial Group's
1st Art! 2011 Invitational Student Art Compe-
tition. The piece was part of the 1st Art! 2011
Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary
Canadian Art in Toronto this fall.
To a sold-out venue in Shelburne, NS, it wasn't
too difficult to hear the benefits of studying
music with Mount Allison. An alumnus, current
student, and pianist who took his exam through