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36 / Fall 2011 / RECORD
ount Allison has always prided
itself on being a people-
centered university. It's the
essence of who we are and who we've
always been. Where individuals matter.
The entire community goes the extra mile
to meet students' needs. And students are
encouraged to get involved on campus and
beyond. Young people come here from all
over the world because of it and they stay
connected with Mount Allison for life.
I have worked in universities across the
country and internationally and I have
never seen a more committed and passion-
ate group of alumni across all generations.
It's nothing short of spectacular. Men and
women from classes as far back as the late
30s and early 40s make the trip to Sack-
ville for Reunion year after year; they host
receptions and sendoffs for hometown stu-
dents; donate generously; attend alumni
events; and support our students in any
way they can. It's that kind of personal
connection and commitment that speaks
to the Mount Allison experience.
Most importantly, our alumni speak pas-
sionately about Mount Allison and their
experience here and pass that spirit on to
the talented and creative potential Allisoni-
ans in their lives. We hear this every day in
the stories of our students. Generations of
families pass through these doors. Some are
deeply connected to the University through
a proud family history -- families such as
the Pickards, Bells, Truemans, and Woods.
There are also countless students who dis-
covered Mount Allison through guidance
counsellors, friends, mentors, teachers, and
members of their community.
Mount Allison thrives on word of mouth.
Our legacy is evident in our national
reputation as Canada's top undergraduate
university. But our true reputation is in the
hands and hearts of our alumni. nobody
knows and appreciates Mount Allison more.
At Mount Allison students do matter --
the experience is uniquely personal and
each person's individuality is cultivated
and celebrated. It's that essence that reso-
nates so well with our alumni and those
that they refer here.
Although I don't have a degree from
Mount Allison, I have been welcomed to
the community by alumni and students
alike and that is why I now consider myself
a proud Allisonian.
Ron Byrne
International and Student Affairs
An experience
like no other