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Mount Allison Record Fall 2011 No. 98 -- New Series
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Anthony (Tony) Frost
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The late Wallace McCain ('52)
hen I was young I wanted to be just like my dad who flew fighters during WWII.
While I never made it past the Recruitment Office desk (I did go), my fascina-
tion with all things aeronautical has never left me. It was no surprise, then, when
my six-year-old son recently declared that he intended to go to "Mount A" when he grew up.
I think we all know people who have followed in the footsteps of those they admire. Indeed,
I have heard many students say that they chose Mount Allison because a family member or
friend previously came here. But it wasn't until that moment that I realized I wasn't just an
observer of a random process, but was actively engaged in one that surrounds us all. One in
which I had power. This awareness was both invigorating, but also sobering. How does that
oft-quoted Spider-Man line go: "with great power comes great responsibility?"
The notion that we as parents (and uncles/aunts, friends, etc.) have influence on the paths of
those who follow is important because like the proverbial pebble that gets tossed in a pond,
the ripples we make spread far and wide. Our actions trigger further actions that result in not
only the improvement of a young person's life, but society as a whole. University graduates
contribute to communities and, one day, influence the generation that follows them. This was
borne out by a recent TD Economics Special Report ( that showed
how higher education raised employment prospects and annual income, improved the likeli-
hood of volunteerism, and... wait for it... improved the chances of graduates' children attend-
ing university too.
Well, with my newfound awareness I can honestly say that today I'm much more purposeful
in what I say and do (my wife thanks me), but I have also taken my post-secondary proselytiz-
ing beyond our home. Recently I spoke with two young people and, in both cases, I took the
time to explain how a university education was the single best investment they could make
for their future success. Of course I may have also let it slip that Mount Allison would make a
terrific option for them.
Tony Frost
Editor of the
Mount Allison
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Walking in footsteps