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his year I had the great fortune to be on campus as new students were arriving,
many for the very first time. What a pleasure to see their excitement at the pos-
sibilities that lie ahead! Later that same week I had opportunity to drop a few
coins in a Shinerama box they held, and I began to ponder all that they had experienced
over the preceding week. Certainly it had been a week of new relationships, like those we
talked about in the last issue of the
Record, but that Shinerama box was a telltale sign of
something else: the seeds of service. By volunteering to hold that simple cardboard box,
each and every one of them will live forever. That's right, immortality. The Holy Grail.
This immortality, is not of the physical sort, but rather, it is the belief that any action you
take in the service of another, no matter how small, releases a part of your being into eter-
nity, which can never again be caged by your mortality. This service of humanity is often
referred to as philanthropy. Mount Allison has a long history of inspiring philanthropy,
and on the pages ahead you will read of one of the great philanthropists of our age, the
late Wallace McCain ('52). Through a lifetime of hard work he expanded his personal
capacity to give a thousand fold. You will find his name on our beautiful student centre.
Certainly, for those who knew him, the sight of that building will evoke fond memories
of a good friend. For those who did not know Wallace, the sight of his name on that build-
ing will inspire them to go out into the world and live a life in service to others, just as he
did. And that is a far greater legacy than the building itself.
Mount Allison provides so many opportunities for students to try on volunteerism
and philanthropy for size: such as journalism with the
Argosy or venturing far afield
with Global Brigades and Habitat for Humanity. We are preparing them for the same
opportunities to give which exist within our broader communities. The best part?
It's never too late to start. Whether it's time, money, or mentorship, unleash your inner
philanthropist and enjoy your well-deserved immortality.

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The immortality of Mount Allison