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6 / Fall 2011 / RECORD
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rientation 2011 was in full swing in the first weeks of
September. Enjoying perfect weather on move-in day and
a special Commencement celebration, the Class of 2015
was welcomed with open arms by a large team of Mount Allison
students, as well as faculty, staff, and the surrounding community.
Orientation Chair, fourth-year honours psychology student Aleka
MacLellan, says, "Orientation is so much more than just a fun week
of activities and events; it is the start of the next four (or more) years of
students' lives. I am so happy with how the week turned out. It was a
wonderful collaborative effort between our Orientation committee,
the University community, and the Town of Sackville."
First-year student Taylor Losier of Quispamsis, nB echoed this
sentiment. During her move into Hunton House she shared
her impressions of Mount Allison thus far. "I'm really excited.
I woke up really early this morning and the whole drive here
I was thinking, `Are we there yet?' I chose Mount Allison
because of the English program; many people have told me it's
great. I also heard good things about the swim team, which is
important to me. My sister went here, so I am familiar with the
campus and I know Mount Allison has a really good meal hall,
which is always a bonus."
commencement day at Mount Allison
orientation 2011 -- Born to Be
he Class of 2015 received a unique welcome to Mount Allison
with Canada's Governor General, His Excellency the Right
Honourable David Johnston receiving an honorary degree
during a special Commencement and Convocation Ceremony this fall.
Referring to Mount Allison as `magic,' Johnston addressed the
incoming class, their families, friends, and the University and
surrounding community, encouraging students to take advantage of
all the opportunities Mount Allison has to offer and using these to
learn and make change in their own communities. He said, "There is
no doubt you can make a difference and transform our society -- the
only question is: how you will go about it?"
Johnston was also joined by two of his daughters, Mount Allison
graduates Debbie ('90) and Jennifer ('97), who presented the senior
class cane at the ceremony. Johnston drew laughs when he said, "Quite
apart from my profound gratitude for the outstanding education they
received at Mount Allison, I am also grateful to you for trying to put
me on an equal footing with them by granting me this degree!"
University President and vice-Chancellor Dr. Robert Campbell
opened Commencement, welcoming the incoming class and offi-
cially launching the Year of Science and Discovery at Mount Allison,
while Chancellor Peter Mansbridge offered insight on making the
transition for both students and their families.
(L-R) The Hon. Marilyn Trenholme Counsell, President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Robert Campbell, Chancellor Emeritus Purdy Crawford, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, The
Hon. Margaret McCain, Chancellor Peter Mansbridge, and Lieutenant Governor Graydon Nicholas