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hen Jiashu (Olivia) Fang grad-
uated from Mount Allison at
the age of 22, she was looking
for total independence. After splitting her
younger years between China, Canada,
and the United States, she decided to
return to China.
"I knew China was the right place for me
to start my adventure," she says.
The day after she landed in Shanghai, she
began working for a Canadian consulting
firm. Several months later she was watch-
ing an English speech contest on television
where one of the judges was talking about
how language and communication play an
important role in crisis management and
building trust with people. That few min-
utes would change the course of her career.
"I was immediately hooked," she says.
"His comments offered me a clue as to
how my interest in philosophy and ideas
could have value in a conventional society.
I knew then that I was one step closer to
finding my ideal job."
Fang wrote down the judge's name,
Scott Kronick, and searched him online.
She learned he was the President of Ogilvy
Public Relations, China and wrote him
an e-mail asking how to get an interview
with him.
To her surprise he wrote back within days.
She has now been with Ogilvy PR for five
years and is the national knowledge man-
"If I had to describe my work in one short
phrase, it would be `visual story-telling,'" says
Fang. "I work cross disciplinary at Ogilvy
to help CEOs and companies tell their
stories to a broader audience via speeches,
keynote presentations, and short films. I
also work with the President of Ogilvy PR
on strategic new projects and new business
One of Fang's favourite projects has been
organizing Ogilvy PR's annual summer
internship program for international stu-
dents from universities such as Harvard,
Stanford, Yale, Penn State, Emory, and
Skidmore. This year she guided four in-
terns in running their own media chan-
nel called
Chinese Food for Thought, where
they produced weekly video and photo-
graphic stories on China for westerners.
"To live a bigger life, we need to rely on
others and build a community of like-
minded people," says Fang. "The easiest
way to do this is to pass along the spirit of
generosity by the small things we can do
for others. This internship program allows
me to pass this spirit on to bright, young
interns, so that they can help more people
realize their dreams and ambitions."
Fang also writes Ogilvy case studies for
publication and industry awards. Her case
studies have won more than 12 awards in
the past three years. In June she was cho-
sen as one of 13 Ogilvy & Mather "Young
Stars" in Asia Pacific.
"I never had a plan to work in PR when I
was a philosophy student, I just followed
my heart," she says. "Looking back, I think
it is my curiosity and sensitivity towards
human nature that has kept me interested
and passionate about this business."
by Melissa Lombard
I never had
a plan to work
in PR when
I was a
student, I just
my heart
Members of the summer
internship program (L-R)
Jeffrey Chen,
Youjia Li, Bethina Liu,
Olivia Fang, Sebastian Odell