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rom family comes support.
From clarity comes consis-
tency. From consistency comes
exactness and strength, which leads to
planning, resolve, and success.
Mounties' athletics director Pierre
Arsenault feels now is the time. After
completing its strategic plan process,
Mount Allison's department of athletics
and recreation can continue to become
more purposeful in its approach, focus
its energies on successful outcomes,
and sustain its impact through high
expectations and resolve.
"Timing of the University's rebrand-
ing has been good for athletics," says
Arsenault. "It has allowed us an
opportunity for an updated brand.
Not just a new logo -- it gives us a
chance to reset everything and bring
a consistent approach to all of our
programs. This constancy of purpose
makes us stronger. It helps bring
clarity to what is expected of us as
athletes, coaches, staff, volunteers,
and administrators. With consistent
representation and expectations, fans,
donors, and alumni then understand
more about what we are. There is
more clarity about who we are, what
we believe in, and what our brand is.
We are ready to accept a label -- one
that says we are proud of doing it this
way-- our way."
Arsenault feels that having this new
consistency of look and expectations
allows all participants in the program
to better prepare.
"As the brand continues to strengthen,
we can talk more precisely to student-
athletes about what we expect from
them, what it is to be a member of the
Mountie family, and what it will take
to succeed while still maintaining our
desired principles and character. The
more this becomes clear and consis-
tent, the more we can deliver on what
we want to do at every level of univer-
sity sports and recreation," he says.
Building the brand shows that Mount
Allison takes its programs seriously
and they are proud of what their
student-athletes accomplish and who
they are. It creates more awareness,
more team and school spirit, and it
helps to attract those kinds of student-
athletes who fit the Mounties' mold.
Mounties' athletics has worked hard
to professionalize promotional efforts
through social media like Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube, and webcasting,
offering many ways for people to
engage with the teams. Another
example is Mount Allison's partner-
ship with Under Armour, a purposeful
strategy to bring a consistent, profes-
sional look to Mounties' athletics and
one that sets itself apart, much like
the University does.
"Mount Allison athletes deserve our
attention. What they do is significant,
and their label of being a Mountie is
worthy of our respect and support,"
Arsenault says. "Through increased
use of the web site, Twitter, Facebook,
YouTube, radio, TV, webcasting,
and other social media avenues, we
have made it easier than ever to stay
connected to our Mounties' story.
The more that alumni and fans stay
engaged with our various teams and
players, the more they gain a sense of
ownership and can continue to help
good things happen for the Mount
Allison Mounties' family. In the end,
we have a collective opportunity to lift
our programs to a really good place."
by Sue Seaborn
/ 29