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The Honourable
Kevin Lynch ('72) (PC,
has been made a trustee
of Killam Trusts, effective Jan. 1 `13. He is
currently the vice-chair of BMO Financial
Group and has previously served as clerk of
the Privy Council, secretary to the Cabinet,
head of the Public Service of Canada, dep-
uty minister of Industry, deputy minister of
Finance, and executive director at the Inter-
national Monetary Fund. He was made an
Officer of the Order of Canada in 2011.
The Killam Trusts were established in `65
under the will of Dorothy J. Killam to com-
memorate her late husband, Izaak Walton
Killam, a leading Canadian business and
financial figure. Today, the Killam Trusts
are valued at close to $400 million, the
income on which is used primarily to fund
graduate scholarships, postdoctoral fellow-
ships, and other educational awards.
Following her retirement in '11,
Dr. Diana
Locke ('73)
began what was a long-time
dream for her -- to become a certi-
fied master gardener. From mid-Jan. to
Mar. '12, Diana attended the certification
training. She found the speakers to be
wonderful. Most of them were professors
from the University of Maryland Agricul-
tural College and Extension Service. She
passed her exam and rapidly launched into
working her required volunteer hours on a
number of extension service-approved
projects. She needed 45 hours to complete
the certification program. As of this writ-
ing, she is way past her 45 hours and has
officially received her certification. She is
enjoying meeting and working with some
very knowledgeable people and says that
she is having a blast. To maintain her
certification, she will need to complete a
required number of continuing education
and volunteer hours, annually. The down-
side to all this wonderful training and
working with experienced master garden-
ers is that she is seeing a number of things
she wants to change or expand in her
own garden!
Martha (Cox) Johnson ('73)
writes: "Our
40th reunion is less than a year away.
Let's make this one the best yet and have
a large turnout. Contact fellow classmates
and encourage them to come along. See
you next May!" The class now also has a
Facebook page.
Sondra (Roy) Abbott ('85)
writes: "I
have rediscovered my passion for interior
decorating! I've earned my certification
in both residential decorating as well as
in feng shui consulting from Mount Royal
University in Calgary. My business name is
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