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and it
is all about interior decorating with a feng
shui twist to create energetic and aesthetic
balance in the home. I am a member of
the Canadian Decorators' Association as
well as the International Feng Shui Guild
and am thoroughly enjoying the learning
and camaraderie that goes along with
both societies."
Dr. Michael S. Boudreau ('89)
published a book, City of Order: Crime and
Society in Halifax, 1918-35, with UBC Press.
Michael is an associate professor and chair
of the department of criminology and
criminal justice at St. Thomas University in
Jamie Heap (BA '99, Hon '06)
, a para-
legal services student at NSCC Cumberland
Campus in Springhill, NS, received the
prestigious Cumberland County Barristers'
Association Bursary, which is awarded to
the paralegal services student who excels
in their program of study and who dem-
onstrates the acquisition of skills, knowl-
edge, and attitude necessary to succeed in
their chosen profession. Jamie completed
his internship at Fairbanks Law Office in
Amherst, NS in May '12 and will attain his
DPS in '13. Jamie also wrote three books
this year: Edmund Burke, Joggins and the
100th Anniversary of the Sinking of the RMS
Titanic, chronicling the story of 19-year-old
Edmund Burke of Joggins' historic wireless
radio interception of the Titanic's SOS dis-
tress call; Dreams Derailed: The Main Events,
People and Places Associated with the Chig-
necto Ship Railway and the Chignecto Canal,
1686-1960, examining the connection that
several prominent Canadians had to the
failed realization of a ship railway or canal
across the isthmus of Chignecto; and An
Author and a Ghost Ship: Stanley T. Spicer and
the Mary Celeste, AKA, the Amazon, explor-
ing the life and times of Stanley T. Spicer
from his days as New Brunswick's first
director of physical education to his prolific
writing career as the author of nine books
on the topic of shipping and shipbuilding
along the Bay of Fundy. The book also
examines the mystery surrounding the
world's most famous ghost ship.
Joanne Hussey ('00)
Andrew Taillon
welcomed their second son, Moss
Andrew Pete Hussey-Taillon, on Mar. 22
'11. Big brother Angus is now nine! In
Feb. '12 Joanne started her own consult-
ing firm, Common Knowledge Research
and Consulting
. In May '12 Andy left Cox &
Palmer to take a position as a lawyer with
the Nova Scotia Department of Justice.
Andrew McDonald ('05)
writes: "After
graduating with my BEd in Ottawa, I'm
in Doha, Qatar for a two-year teaching
position at the Qatar Canadian School.
I am starting to get settled into my new
living and teaching environment. If any-
one is living or passing through, look up a
fellow graduate!"
55 Bridge, Sackville, NB E4L 3N8
See us at
we have had a special relationship
with the people of Mount Allison
University. We have welcomed
prospective students and parents;
celebrated graduations; hosted
reunions; and accommodated
alumni, visiting lecturers, honorees,
and board members. We are a
pre-Confederation Victorian home
with 18 rooms and a fine dining
room. We are a proud supporter of
Mount Allison.
"Why get a room,
when you can get a home?"