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Mount Allison Record Fall 2012 No. 101 -- New Series
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Purdy Crawford ('52)
ccording to Lucy Maud Montgomery, "Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as
we remember it." I find these words most apropos each fall as students arrive on
campus. Away from home for the first time, tasked with looking after their own affairs,
and immersed in new intellectual, cultural, and physical pursuits, Mount Allison students
revel in an endless series of new experiences, each one contributing to the formation of never-
to-be-forgotten memories.
While many of their experiences will be the same undergone by generations of Allisonians
-- a first burger at Mel's... the sights and sounds of Homecoming... studying at the Swan
Pond -- each student will be affected in their own way. Their responses to the stimuli will
shape their identity, define who they are, and influence the way they see and do things. In
this way, memories are not just pleasant recollections, which are an indulgence unto them-
selves, but critical links between the past and present, providing a framework for their future.
For Albert Einstein this personal growth was critical. He wrote that, "All that is valuable in
human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual," and
interestingly, this very much explains how Mount Allison alumni can undergo so many simi-
lar experiences, take such different approaches to their lives, and achieve such great success.
However, the net result of this process also presents this magazine with a problem... Yes, the
stories are interesting, noteworthy, and inimitable but how do we possibly choose which ones
to profile in the
Record each issue? I can tell you it is no easy job, but as usual, we waded into
the plethora of story ideas with great gusto and decided upon a few that we think will interest
and delight you.
And, after review, I think it is safe to say that while memories may be unique to the individual,
they, like the experiences, are most assuredly best when shared.
Tony Frost
Record Editor,
Revelling in past treasures