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nother academic year is underway at Mount Allison, and another group of fresh-
faced young men and women have chosen our community as their own. When I
was in their shoes, I had no idea of the significance those first few days on campus
would have in my life.
At risk of dating myself, in my time we did not have student numbers. Everything you did
in those first few days required you to queue in alphabetical order: registering for classes,
picking up your student card, arranging a meal plan. It wasn't until some years after I left
Mount A that I realized some of my closest university friends all had last names that
clustered around `R' in the alphabet. We had met standing in line for one thing or
another and struck up a conversation that would continue for a lifetime.
I have a window now, largely through social media like Facebook, into the preparations
that go into welcoming new students. I am grateful for the care and attention community
leaders put into making frosh week a success. From the town's corn boil, Shinerama, and
Orientation, to the minutiae of completing registration, these are critical days in the for-
mation of the bonds of friendship that will endure long into the future. First impressions
are indeed lasting impressions.
A few years back, I stopped at a coffee shop in Ottawa and ran into just such a friend. We
had shared a house, worked at the pub and radio station, and taken many classes together.
We had lost touch in the 10 years since we left Mount A and established our careers. I had
moved to Ottawa only weeks before and I literally dropped my coffee when I saw him.
We picked up the conversation where we left off so many years before. In the dozen years
since that unlikely reunion, our kids have grown up together. We have grown up together.
When was the last time you spoke to one of those old friends? I bet that just like those first
few days, you've got great news to catch up on. Don't wait for the chance encounter at a
coffee shop: your friends would love to hear from you!
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