RESEARCH AND CREATIVE ACTIVITY umbrella. These acts feature student artists and performers from the University’s Fine Arts, Music, English, and drama departments. The 2013 program, Culture Me Happy, also included Sackville Expressions, a kind of community-created canvas. Anyone who walked into the bank could express themselves in paint on a giant canvas. Says Polegato, “Culture Days is at its best a collaboration of departments at the University, the residents of the local community, and local businesses.” The project also gives students first-hand experience in the nitty-gritty of managing in the arts, with all that entails. Some are familiar with the marketing, finance, and operations side of things; however the arts have unique challenges. “Sometimes students may be concerned about the use of a certain word in a piece,” says Polegato. “I hear, ‘Can they say that?’ We then have a discussion about censorship and the importance of maintaining the integrity of art.’ ” One of the areas Polegato researches examines community-based learning, creativity, and learning within the context of arts and culture. In her latest project, her teaching informed her research by involving students in the research. The work looked at metacognition, which encourages students to take responsibility for their learning and to enhance their ability Commerce professor Rosemary Polegato to solve complex problems. Students did an assignment based on questions about three local sculptures. By gauging the students’ responses she was able to assess their achievements in metacognition. “Art provided the jumping off point for deep thinking,” she says. / 11