Professor Alex Colville, centre, receives his honorary degree from University President Laurie Cragg, left, and Chancellor Harold Crabtree during Fall 1968 Convocation (University Archives 2007.07/1134) Left to right: Artists E.B Pulford, Alex Colville, A.Y. Jackson, and Lawren Harris at the Owens Art Gallery, circa 1951 (University Archives, 2007.07/519) Colville taught at Mount Allison for 17 years, influencing a generation and more of students, whether in the classroom or with campus undertakings such as the 1962 report The Idea of Excellence at Mount Allison prepared by a faculty association committee chaired by the artist. When asked what they most remember about Colville, what has stuck with them after all these years, students such as Nancy (Ellis) Stevens (’56) and Bob Barritt (’50) without hesitation reply, “his work ethic.” Or, as Colville told an interviewer, “I have always taken myself seriously, even as a kid. I always thought, ‘I’m going to try to do really great things.’ I think we should go all out.” Significantly, as we remember the man and the artist, Colville said he was “going to try,” suggesting the always present sense of assertive humility and respect for the powerful contingencies of the world in which he believed we all live. Barritt says that when he first arrived at Mount Allison in 1943 he was surprised to see so many of Colville’s works hanging on the walls of the gallery, that Colville’s student work was much more than the average student’s. Likewise, as a student Nancy Stevens thought that unquestionably Colville would succeed as an artist. Success seemed in the offering yet certainly was not assured when Colville stepped aside from teaching to focus entirely on his studio and his art practice. He has said several times that he is the kind of person who is single minded in focusing on one thing at a time. And it was time to focus on what really mattered to him. In the 10 years after he left full-time teaching and before moving to Rhoda Colville’s family home in Wolfville, NS, Colville was well on his way to becoming the iconic Canadian artist that he was when he passed away this summer. He was commissioned to design the coins commemorating Canada’s centennial and to represent Canada at the 33rd Students of Alex Colville’s surround his graduating student portrait at the Owens Art Gallery during Reunion Weekend, 2007. 14 / Fall 2013 / RECORD