hunt for Venari Resources, officially established in May 2012. In a time when other major oil companies were shying away from drilling in the deep water Gulf of Mexico, Reinsborough thought it was time to get in, and get in big. Venari was formed and well received on Wall Street, with four private investors putting up $1.2 billion behind his company — the largest ever private financing of a start-up in the oil and gas sector. “Venari is Latin for hunt, which is what we essentially do — we ‘hunt’ for large oil discoveries and then team up with operating companies to drill,” says Reinsborough. Venari has lived up to its expectations and has been very successful in the hunt thus far. The company now employs 40 people and within the first year of business had two major discoveries — the Shenandoah and Coronado fields. It ranks as one of the top 15 leaseholders in deep water. While Reinsborough’s career has seen him travel the world, he says his focus will stay in the Gulf of Mexico for now, where there is plenty of opportunity. He may take the company public in the next year or so. “We’ve had a lot of success and see some opportunities to build a sizable company here. We’re going to stay focused on this right now, and enjoy the ride.” / 19