The Mitchell family, left to right: Tammy, David, Megan, Emily, and Greg, with Maine governor Paul LePage, third right D by Laura Dillman Ripley avid Mitchell’s view of the courtroom changed this past summer. The Calais, ME lawyer was recently nominated and sworn in as district court judge by the State of Maine. Calder Mitchell (’35), grandmother Katrine (Young) Mitchell (’39), father John (’68), brother Geoff (’03), and his niece, current student and Bell scholar Rachel Cundiff (’16). After being nominated by the governor in the spring, and following a confirmation hearing before the Maine Senate, Mitchell was officially sworn in as district judge on July 2. “I remain firm in my commitment to serve the state and my local community in a manner that is unpretentious, unbiased, and fair,” he says. “Just as in teaching, coaching, or the practise of law, it’s all about communication, listening, and respect.” Outside the courthouse, Mitchell, along with his family, are very active members of the Calais community, coaching and participating in several sports organizations and community groups. “My wife Tammy and I have three wonderful children, Greg, Emily, and Megan. We’ve enjoyed making the commitment to their activities and to exposing them to as many different things and people as possible” he says. A former hockey Mountie and Amherst Rambler, Mitchell earned both his BA and BEd from Mount Allison and began his career as a teacher and coach, working in Massachusetts and Michigan. It was in the classroom where he heard his legal calling. “I was teaching To Kill a Mockingbird to a Grade 8 class. We were doing a mock-trial type of arrangement,” says Mitchell, an honours English and political science grad. “The eloquence of Atticus Finch and his simple but honest demeanour, coupled with his drive to do what was right, even in a society plagued by wrongs, proved motivational. This was when I made my decision to go to law school, and Mount Allison played its own role in preparing me for all that has occurred since I graduated. As an American student I came into the many heated classroom discussions with one view and left with a completely different one. That was the beauty the small classes, the attention from the professors, the vibrant discussions.” Mitchell took the LSATs in 1993 and enrolled at the University of Maine School of Law in 1994. He returned to his hometown of Calais, ME, practising law in a number of areas including civil, family, probate, and criminal with his father John (’68). David says, “It was a great honour to be able to practise with my father, having a wealth of knowledge in the very next room.” The Mitchells come from a long line of Allisonians dating back over 100 years. The Mount Allison family connections include David’s great-grandmother Narene Kilburn (Ladies College 1905), great uncle, Larry Mitchell (’32), grandfather Dr. Hazen 22 / Fall 2013 / RECORD