“” I’m all about bringing wine tasting back to earth M oira Peters has lived in New York, Montreal, and Paris, but it was in her home province of Nova Scotia where she truly discovered her passion — wine. Just over a year ago, Peters, a sommelier based in Halifax, NS, opened her own wine tasting business — Unwined.  While waitressing in Halifax, Peters  was impressed by the qualities and uniqueness of local wine.  With her background in wine education in New York, she decided to run through a class with her friends and they were surprised at how much they learned in just one session. And that’s how Unwined was born. She hosts up to four wine tasting parties a week in her busy months of February and March. “Wine tasting and evaluations involve your body connecting to the world and you forget about everything else,” she says. “You can identify up to a dozen things in a glass of wine. What is the colour? What does that remind you of? If you are not paying attention to the things themselves, you are never going to get it.” Peters, a physics and philosophy graduate, says her Mount Allison education has been integral in her career.  “I definitely used philosophy in establishing Unwined in terms of the ethical questions around business and how to conceptualize how you work locally based on a global understanding of how that impacts other people and ecosystems,” says Peters. “My physics education has been  really practical and I feel much more confident approaching concepts that are science, and specifically physics, related.” This year she was offered the opportunity to work at a vineyard on the south shore of the Bras d’Or Lakes in Cape Breton, Eileanan Brèagha. This venture has only strengthened her bond to the Nova Scotia wine industry. “I’m all about bringing wine tasting back to earth,” she says. Peters never thought she would be working in winemaking professionally, but it is something that she has grown to love. “I grew up with my parents making very good homemade wine,” she says. “They always encouraged small-scale development and production and would instill in us to do things on a small scale so you could control the variables. I never dreamed I would fall in love with working at a 12acre vineyard. There is something different every day and it is out of control, but it is nice to have that natural process take over what you do.” She will begin her first winemaking experience at the vineyard this fall and in the future hopes to be able to teach her craft. “In philosophy, Plato taught us that first we must engage in the world while we are young and use our bodies and the advantages we have in order to then launch ourselves later in life into a career in teaching and bringing knowledge to other people,” she says. But for now, Peters will continue to work and learn at the vineyard and Unwined. You can visit her website and read her blog Uncorked at unwinedtastingparties.ca / 25