CLASS NOTES Sackville on July 5. I observed that this is not far from campus and that a tour would take only a few minutes. I talked to the tour guide and offered to do such a tour. Without preparation, I plunged in, doing a basic job with what I could remember. At the end of the tour on July 7 as I left , the bus, the guide told me that she appreciated what I had done. In Halifax, I had supper on that first day, my birthday, with Paul Brown (’70), my Trueman House roommate when I first came to M A as a student in 1966-67 ount .” 1940s Marian Perkins (’48) was named “2013 Lady of the Year” by the Saint John Beta Sigma Phi. Perkins has been a life-long advocate for the families and victims of alcohol addiction and for women in the justice system. She has worked with several community organizations including the establishment of the Elizabeth Fry Society, Saint John chapter. Why? 1970s Paul Brown (’70) was named the 2012 recipient of the Lieutenant G overnor’s M for edal Excellence in Public Administration. Paul is a professor in policy formation at D alhousie University’s Faculty of M anagement, Centre for Advanced M anagement Education. Five Allisonians gathered in Lorne, NS on July 27 , 2013 for a birthday party. From left: Inna (Kaleva) Harrison (’73), Linda (Smith) Giddens (’73), Linda (Dunbar) Boudreault (’73), Karen (Kaleva) Schmid (’73), Elizabeth (MacLeod) Morrison (’67). Inna now lives in NS after many years in SK, Linda G iddens also now lives in NS after many years in BC, Linda Boudreault lives in PEI. Karen now lives in New Zealand after many years in AB. Elizabeth now lives in NS after many years in M B. 1950s The Honourable Theodore E. Margeson (’59, ’60) announced his retirement from the Tax Court of Canada as of Aug. 14, 2013. Ted was appointed to the court on July 5, 1990. At that time he was the first lawyer from the M aritimes to be appointed to that court. Ted looks forward to his retirement and a little more time to read something other than legal periodicals and income tax cases. He also hopes to brush up on his French and possibly a little Spanish, as well as finding out if he has any ability to learn to play the banjo and the piano. 1960s Roger F. Roy (’65) writes, “In February 2013, I carried out an evaluation of a peace building program for a Burmese/Canadian N Oin Burma. The country G is attempting to change the relationships between the Burmese and the large ethnic community from one of violence and conflict to relations of love and inclusiveness. Burma has begun the reform of its political economic institutions that will hopefully contribute in overcoming the current high levels of poverty throughout the country. M wife G y eraldine accompanied me and we had an amazing journey to various parts of Burma.” Murray Baillie (’69) writes, “I was on a bus tour that stopped to eat at Patterson’s Restaurant in Steve Heckbert (’73) writes “It was a BLAST attending our Class of ’73 reunion in M Thanks for ay! organizing it. In July I released a new double album of original songs called Road to Canada, with the help of a great band called the Shadbangers which includes a couple of musical mates from M A ount — Bob Ferguson (’76), Dave Jennings (’73), Melanie Ross (’92), and Sackville’s own Ray Legere. W launched the album in M e iramichi at a big party called the “Shadbangers Ball” — great fun! I’m walking North along Main to cross at Bridge. Slightly behind me is a young man holding the hand of a three-year old boy. They seem quite happy. The little boy keeps repeating “Why? Why? Why?” in a soft, measured little voice. As we wait for the light, I say to the father, “I’ve been asking that question for 78 years.” He laughs. The light changes to the little white illuminated figure so we can cross Bridge. The father says, “Let’s go, Ferguson!” We cross, and as they move ahead I say, “Maybe he wants to know why you call him Ferguson?” Laughter from the father. “Why?” from the son. They walk up Main. I turn down Bridge. Everyone is happy. Would anyone want to live any place other than sweet little Sackville? Why? / 31