David K. Boyd (’74) published a new historical fiction novel, The Reflecting Man: Volum O set e ne, in multiple locales in Canada, America, France, G ermany, and England, before and during the Second W W It is the antic, ribald journey of a orld ar. loquacious and unreliable narrator, Kurtis D e’ath, whose unusual talents lead him into the innermost circles of Hitler’s Third Reich and Churchill’s British government. Lydia Adams (’75), artistic director and conductor of the acclaimed Elmer Iseler Singers and the Amadeus Choir of G reater Toronto, has won the 2013 Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts. Lydia named fellow Allisonian Joel Tranquilla (’06) as the winner of the 2013 Emerging Artist Award. Joel currently serves as artistic director of the Windsor Classic Chorale and chorus master of the Windsor Symphony O rchestra. A wonderful reunion of the G reenhouse G took irls place on the weekend of Aug. 3, 2013, at the beautiful lakeside home of Shelley Wild (’77) in Bobcaygeon, O . Shelley (sitting) and fellow G N reenhouse G (standing left to right), Alice Gaudine irls (’77), Karen Trollope-Kumar (’77), and Diane (MacVicar) O’Connor (’75, ’77), shared much laughter, stories, and tea as they reminisced about their time living together in “The G reenhouse” on York Street during the ’76-’77year at M A. ount a career as a freelance writer and have published five books. M first book, Mind Full of Scorpions, is a y candid story of my struggle with severe mental illness and abuse in psychiatric hospitals. Next came D evotions W Your Cat, which includes wisdom ith from sages, poets, hymn writers, and of course cats. M next two books are children’s books, The y Adventuresof Sir Lancelot theCat and TheAdventures of the Three Mouse-Breath-Kateers. The fifth book is O Boats and O Q ld ld uotes and contains beautiful photos of Atlantic Canada with pithy M aritime sayings from my father.” Sandy Stewart (’79) has been named the recipient of the 2013 CSEA/SCEA Canadian Art Educator of the Year Award (G rades 9-12). Stewart is from New G lasgow, N and currently teaches at Rothesay S Netherwood School in N The award was presentB. ed during the annual awards ceremony in M 2013 ay in M ontreal. Soprano Catherine (Fitch) Bartlett (’79) and pianist Terence Dawson (’81) recently performed together at an afternoon concert in M oncton. It had been 22 years since their last performance together; the pair has performed in several provinces and internationally. Terence currently teaches at U while Catherine lives and teaches in New BC Brunswick. Several Allisonians attended the concert including Vivian (Hay) Hicks (’81). 1980s Dan Steeves’ (’81) work was selected for the International Print Center New York’s summer exhibition New Prints/New Narratives: Sum er m 2013. Steeves’ etching, It’s m because of m ostly y own fears, part of his TheM oryof Pain series, was em included as one of 50 international prints, selected from 2,400 applications. This is the third time that D has been selected for this prestigious annual an group exhibition. Clarence White (’82, ’83) writes, “I graduated with a BSc major in chemistry and a BEd. I received the M urray Sears M emorial Chemistry Award presented by D Ross Barclay. I later completed a M r. Ed. I have been teaching in Newfoundland for the past 30 years. I have recently retired, and was honoured to have received the N LTA’s Special Recognition Award for 2013. This award is presented annually to an active member of the N who has made a LTA major contribution to cultural, social, and/or community life. In August 2013, I visited campus and was fortunate to meet up with D Barclay. He had r. a major influence on my life and I am not surprised Beth (Gates) Peters (’77) writes, “I have recently moved to southern Saskatchewan and am working at Lee’s Sales & Service in Arcola, SK. W be happy to re-connect with any M ould tA alumni who might be in the area.” The Society of W omen in Philosophy has chosen Prof. Alison Wylie (’76) as their 2013 D istinguished W oman Philosopher. Katherine Tapley-Milton (’78) writes, “I graduated from M Allison 35 years ago with a BA and ount went on to Tyndale Seminary and got a M aster of theological studies. I did this all while battling bipolar mood disorder. After I got my M I launched into TS 32 / Fall 2013 / RECORD