Y by Laura Dillman Ripley ou probably recognize him from any number of theatrical pursuits, both on the stage and screens. Football Mountie fans will remember him as one of the members of the ’97 AUS Championship team. And some biology professors might remember a certain student who developed a love for bird watching while at Mount Allison. John Reardon (’98) is full of surprises. Reardon has enjoyed a career in acting since graduation, securing roles in such notable productions at Disney’s TRON: Legacy, Showcase’s Continuum, and CBC’s Arctic Air. Originally from Halifax, NS, Reardon has several Allisonians in his family and says it was a natural choice for him and his brother Marc (’02), and many other cousins and relatives, to come to Mount Allison. “When I was growing up I would always hear stories about Mount Allison. My grandmother [Agnes (Fawcett) McCormick (’31)] and her sister grew up in Sackville and both graduated from Mount A. Their uncle was former University president Dr. George Trueman and because of this, their world revolved around the University... it really was the cultural hub of their childhood.” Reardon also learned to scuba dive so he could take the tropical marine biology course at Mount Allison. Diving remains one of his favourite activities, with travels to Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia. Although he was not involved in theatre at Mount Allison, Reardon, who had done some acting as a child, returned to the stage following University, performing improv comedy before branching out to film, television, and theatre. He studied Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, as well as improv at The Second City in Los Angeles and Toronto. Reardon’s work path in the acting field is busy and global. Based primarily in Vancouver and LA, Reardon, whose wife also works in film, says their life sometimes feels a bit nomadic with a lot of travelling and relocating for various roles. One career highlight for him thus far was working on a mini-series in China. “The role involved a lot of martial arts sequences and stunt work. It was a lot of fun. I remember thinking, ‘I can’t believe they gave me a real sword.’ During a particularly hard fight scene, I accidently cut a tree down, so I only used plastic weapons after that.” LIGHTS, CAM Reardon followed the family tradition, coming to Mount Allison for both his studies and for football. After a year in Arts, he moved to Science where he discovered two new interests in the field. Reardon is currently in Ireland, studying classical theatre at Trinity College in Dublin. “In one of my biology classes we often went bird watching as part of the course. I was reluctant at first because it often meant trudging around the marsh at 5 a.m. on a Saturday. However I really enjoyed it as a hobby and have been doing it ever since.” 24 / Fall 2014 / RECORD “I’ve been involved in a few theatre productions here and look forward to doing some more work on stage before coming home to Canada,” he says. “One of my biggest priorities is getting back to Nova Scotia as much as possible to see my family. There is nowhere I’d rather be than the Maritimes.”