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The county is
home to roughly
1,000,000 people,
only 18 doctors,
and a high
percentage of the
population suffers
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stablished by University Chancellor Peter Mansbridge
and valued at $10,000, biochemistry student Monica
Jepson has been awarded the fi rst Mansbridge Internship
at Mount Allison.
A resident of Calgary, AB, Jepson will travel to Kenya for seven
weeks this summer with Medics to Africa, an international
organization with a hands-on program that focuses on both
academics and cross-cultural awareness. Students from medicine,
nursing, pharmacy, and the sciences are selected to provide basic
medical support in hospitals and communities across Africa.
Jepson says, "I hope to pursue a career in medicine following
my degree at Mount Allison and this experience will assist me
greatly. I will be working at St. Joseph Mission Hospital in the
Migori County region of Kenya. Th e county is home to roughly
1,000,000 people, only 18 doctors, and a high percentage of the
population suff ers from HIV/AIDS. I believe working in this
environment will truly be a life-changing experience."
Mansbridge established the internship this year, a unique
opportunity at Mount Allison for third-year students. Meant
to provide students with an experience that builds on what they
learn in the classroom, the program also allows the intern to
develop attitudes, abilities, and skills essential to active participa-
tion in an increasingly globalized and interconnected society --
perspectives that are vital in today's world. Jepson will work in
a wide range of areas including pediatrics, radiology, surgery,
maternity, ICU, EnT, and emergency. Th e hospital also has a
special clinic for people with HIV/AIDS and their family mem-
bers. Th is builds on her involvement with Mount Allison's Global
Brigades. Jepson travelled to Honduras during the University's
spring break the past two years, providing medical support in
remote villages, and serving as the group's treasurer this year.
While in high school, Jepson was one of nine high school
students who raised funds for a computer lab in a school located
in Mombasa, Kenya. Th e group created a teaching curriculum to
provide students and their teachers with the necessary techno-
logical skills. She will be able to visit the school for the fi rst time
during the Mansbridge Internship.
Following her time in Africa, Jepson will return to complete her
fi nal year of studies and share her experiences.
"I plan to create a photo journal that I can share with fellow
students, faculty, and staff . I believe the content of this intern-
ship relates directly to my studies in biology and biochemistry,
as well as other programs such as sociology and international
relations. It is my hope that through sharing my experiences,
I will be able to encourage others to get involved and broaden
their global perspectives."
StuDent SPOtLiGHt
by Laura Dillman Ripley