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10 / Summer 2011 / RECORD
by Melissa Lombard
Mount Allison's unique
diplomas created by hand
or a quarter of a century, Fine Arts
department head and visual artist
Thaddeus Holownia has been print-
ing Mount Allison University's diplomas
using the letterpress process at the Anchor-
age Press in Jolicure, nB. The tradition of
hand printing Mount Allison's diplomas
dates back to the early 1900s, with Holownia
taking over duties from the Tribune Printing
Company in Sackville, nB in the 80's.
Each of the names of Mount Allison's gradu-
ates is set by hand and printed with an
embossed method on the diplomas. It is a
printing process that Holownia says makes
for a fine finished product.
"Letterpress printing is printing off
of a physical letterform and the ink is
impressed into the page with the letters," he
says. "In a time of mass production, Mount
Allison graduates receive a diploma that is
given individual attention. This uniquely
personal piece is testament to the experience
students have at Mount Allison."
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