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ith a career spanning four
decades, Dave Constable has
enjoyed many successes in
the mining business. now `semi-retired,'
he has worked with international mining
giants and launched a few of his own as
a financial and industry consultant for
numerous junior companies. And it all
began at Mount Allison.

"I was the first person in my family to attend
university. My way to Mount Allison was
happenstance, but obviously worked out for
the best. The experiences I had there, meeting
people of different backgrounds, not only in
the classroom but also in residence, played a
big role in my education. These interactions,
and those with my professors, are something
I consider to be truly unique to the Mount
Allison experience and an important step in
my career path."

Constable started out working in the field
as a mapping geologist in Bathurst, nB,
where he met and married his wife, Dorothy.
He then moved to the private sector.

"I worked with noranda Mining through-
out the 70s, in the Fredericton, nB, Saska-
toon, SK, and Sudbury, On areas. Each of
our three children was born in a different
city, so we like to say we have the entire
country represented in our family with
a Maritimer, a Westerner, and a Central
Gold, base metals, and uranium being his
specialties, Constable continued an exten-
sive fieldwork schedule -- a love he credits
to Mount Allison. But, as his family grew,
Constable's career also made a transition,
as he moved to the business side of mining.
"You can only live in a tent doing field-
work expeditions for so long. In 1981, I
left noranda and began my own geological
consulting group, providing services to
smaller mining companies. This transition
from the technical to the financial really
helped me discover my ` true love.' Taking
a junior company and building it into a
large organization with a great amount of
value really excites me."
Constable continued on this track, obtain-
ing his MBA and an Institute of Corporate
Directors designation from the Institute
of Canadian Directors. In 1996 he joined
normandy Mining Ltd., Australia's largest
gold mining company, establishing their
north American listing on the Toronto
and Montreal Exchanges and resulting in a
$4.5-billon takeover in 2002.

He then joined junior miner, FnX Mining,
picking up five former sites in Sudbury.
Starting the company from scratch, Con-
stable helped to create a unique and success-
ful culture, hiring many young geologists
and seeing FnX become the best perform-
ing stock on the Toronto Stock Exchange
from 2000-10. In 2010 FnX merged with
Quadra Mining to form Quadra FnX, an
international, multi-billion dollar company
with mines in Canada, Chile, and the U.S.
He also served on the Board of Aquiline
Resources for eight years as it grew from
a $10-million market capitalization to a
$660-million sale to Pan American Silver
in 2009.

Constable recently retired from Quadra
FnX, but has continued his industry
involvement as a member of five company
boards, including the chairmanship of
two, representing exploration and devel-
opment activities around the world.
by Laura Dillman Ripley
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Constable and Leonie Soltay (mining analyst)
underground at Podolsky Mine, Sudbury