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Marian (Hansen) Perkins ('48)
was one of
four volunteer executive members of the Eliza-
beth Fry Society of Saint John to receive the 2010
New Brunswick Human Rights Award. They were
honoured at a ceremony, hosted by
NB Lieuten-
ant Governor Graydon Nicholas (LLD '10)
Dave Nickerson ('48)
writes, "Missing class
mate: Keith VanVliet and I roomed together for
three years. We lost contact for many years, but
in '88 I located his son and found he was living
someplace in southern BC. I was never able to
contact him. What a guy!"
Margaret McCain ('54)
was recently awarded
the 2010 Egerton Ryerson Award for dedication
to public education.
Senator Catherine S. Callbeck ('60)
inducted into the PEI Junior Achievement
Business Hall of Fame on Jun. 2'11. The PEI Busi-
ness Hall of Fame celebrates PEI's top current
and past business leaders who have a record
of outstanding entrepreneurial achievements
and have made an outstanding contribution to
the success of their organization or profession.
Callbeck was also honoured as an Equal Voice
Trailblazer at the EV National Recognition
Reception in Ottawa this year. The trailblazers
recognized have contributed to transforming
the political landscape for women and long
histories of successful political engagement.
A book by
Earle Lockerby ('62)
, Deporta-
tion of the Prince Edward Island Acadians, was
published by Nimbus in '08. A French trans-
lation of the book, Déportation des Acadiens
de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard, was released last
December. The removal of the Island's French
population to France in 1758 has been largely
overshadowed by the well-known deportation
of the Acadians of NS to the American colonies
three years earlier. While the number of resi-
dents deported from the Island was about half
the number expelled from NS, the incidence
of death due to disease, malnutrition, and
drowning was much greater. Of about 3,000
Acadians put aboard vessels at Port-la-Joye
(Charlottetown), half died en route to France.
The French edition is published by Les Éditions
au Carré of Montreal.
A number of Mount Allison alumni were at the
CA/FCA Convocation in Halifax in January. From
left to right are:
Joan Bent ('61)
Bent ('92)
Eric Bent ('60)
Leslie Bent
Diane (MacConnell) Cameron ('87)
Dave Dipersio ('88)
Don Bent ('91)
, and
Susan McIsaac ('88)
Rev. Alvin Hingley ('64)
, known widely as
"Reverend Al" of Humboldt, SK is the 2011 Citi-
zen of the Year for Humboldt and area. Hingley, a
retired United Church Minister, served as a spiritual
leader in many Saskatchewan communities before
settling in Humboldt with wife Marion in '90.
Jane (Waddell) Dunker ('67)
writes, "After
a 22-year career with Sears and then a 15-year
career with Investors Group, I decided to retire
in May '11. My husband Cameron and I have
been building our `dream' cottage/retirement
home on Georgian Bay near Honey Harbour for
the last five years. This will now become our
main residence and we'll enjoy the breathtak-
ing beauty of the area full time. We will continue
to rent in Mississauga, ON to keep in contact
with `the big city' -- Toronto and friends.
Sweet little Sackville
on the marsh.
Music, interesting
people, conversation,
little shops with nice stuff,
good food, and a feeling
everything's going to be okay.
Bring us your boredom,
we'll trash it for free.
The Cultural Crossroads of the Maritimes