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Phillip Fine ('80)
and Ruth Esther Jones were
married Jan. 18 '11 in Ozona, FL. They are now
residing in Toronto.
Anne Pratt ('80)
has left the Government
of Canada for a new position as Communica-
tions Manager with the University of Alberta's
Health Sciences Council. The Council sup-
ports and promotes interdisciplinary health
education and research for improved health
outcomes. "It's very challenging work, and very
interesting. I truly believe that the work of
this council can deliver enormous benefits for
health and health care practice across Canada
and around the world."
Rev. Canon Michael Oulton ('81)
recently elected as the 12th Bishop of the
Anglican Diocese of Ontario.
Two generations of Allisonians collided recently
at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa
Anne (Bannerman) Blades ('82)
Graham Parker ('09)
found themselves
working in the same office. Anne holds the
position of Senior Procurement Advisor in the
Community Management Office at NDHQ and
has worked for DND for 30 years. Graham has
just begun his career in government procure-
ment after originally being hired as a summer
student in '10.
Martha MacDonald ('82)
was awarded the
2010 President's Award for Exceptional Com-
munity Services at Memorial University. Martha
is the associate director of the Labrador Insti-
tute of MUN in Goose Bay and was instrumental
in the opening of the new O'Brien Arts Centre
there in '09. She is a third-generation Allisonian
and her daughter Lucy Niles is currently attend-
ing Mount Allison.
Joanne (Coleman) Campagna ('83)
currently working at Everest College in New-
market as Director of Education. Joanne lives
in Barrie, ON with husband Mike and two boys
CJ (15) and Zachary (13). Hello Mount Allison
and the Maritimes!
Darcie Dow ('91)
and family welcomed the
addition of Quinn Wanxia Dow Painchaud on
Oct. 30 '10. She was born in China on Dec.12 '09.
Nancy Schofield ('91)
was one of five artists
featured in AMALGAME 5 artistes on exhibit at
Moncton's Galerie 12 this spring.
Dr. Patrick Lo (`92)
got invited to perform
the traditional Chinese "Praying Mantis Kung
Fu" at the Kung Fu Corner, Kowloon Park (Hong
Kong) on Feb. 6 '11. Chinese New Year is the
time when people bring back the different
ancient and interesting traditions into their
celebrations. Amongst which, incorporating
into the New Year's celebration is the art of
"Kung Fu." Practitioners of many other styles
also took part in the Kung Fu demonstrations
on that day. Play-in sessions were provided to
the visitors on the disciplines of various martial
arts, along with their history and develop-
ments, thus providing the spectators and tour-
ists a true cultural experience.
55 Bridge, Sackville, NB E4L 3N8
See us at
we have had a special relationship
with the people of Mount Allison
University. We have welcomed
prospective students and parents;
celebrated graduations; hosted
reunions; and accommodated
alumni, visiting lecturers, honorees,
and board members. We are a
pre-Confederation Victorian home
with 18 rooms and a fine dining
room. We are a proud supporter of
Mount Allison.
"Why get a room,
when you can get a home?"