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Mount Allison Record Summer 2011 No. 97 -- New Series
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Anthony (Tony) Frost
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Sarah Visintini (`11) of Oakville, ON is all smiles
at Convocation (photo credit Daniel St. Louis).
here is a Turkish proverb that says "no road is long with good company," and like the
famous Fundy tide, these words of wisdom have washed over me time and time again.
It has been especially noticeable over the past few months here at Mount Allison.
Looking back, it was on clear display during Convocation. You could see it in the faces
of graduating students as they stood together, proud of their individual achievements, yet
reveling in each other's success. They smiled, laughed, and hugged not only because of the day's
celebration but because they truly enjoyed each other's company.
The same could be said of Reunion. The faces change, but the stories endure along with the
friendships forged long ago. Memories of their shared experiences were stirred to life and once
again bounced throughout the hallowed halls of Mount A, mixing with the stories of today to
create even tighter bonds.
The common denominator in all of this seems to be Mount Allison. It has always been a bit of
a different place. Smaller, more personal, more humane, it has a well-deserved reputation for
being a University where relationships are not just at the heart of things, but an active ingredi-
ent in what makes it distinct.
And beyond my misty observations there is actual hard evidence of this relationship
dynamic at work. Whether it was focus groups, surveys, or interviews, almost everybody we spoke
to during the University's branding project pointed to how relationships made their Mount
Allison experience special. While they loved the campus, the Town, and the facilities they used, it
was the people who they got to know, respect, and love that made a difference to them.
Knowing this, it is no wonder that so many Allisonians strike out on the "road less
travelled." Because of who they are, what they have done, and the friends they have made,
wherever they go they will always be in good company.
Tony Frost
Editor of the Mount Allison Record
During Reunion Weekend
Reid ('59) and Marilyn
('61) Harrison
, centre, with their daughter Janet
('87), Mount Allison President and Vice-Chancellor
Dr. Robert Campbell, and Harrisons' son David
('83), received the Charles Frederick Allison Award.
This award recognizes outstanding contributions to
Mount Allison by an alumnus/alumna.
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in good company
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