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riginating from old Latin
intra muros that mean
"within walls," Mount
Allison's intramural program began
in 1935-36. It was developed as a
compulsory program in which
students took physical education
classes that were scheduled into
their daily routines.
In the
Allisonian that year, physical
instructor Hugh Harvey said, "No
education is complete that does not
grant a healthy body and it is up to
this department to co-operate with
the student to build up his body and
health habits so that he may obtain
the best of his undergraduate and
future life."
In 1939-40 the intramural program
was extended to the Ladies' College.
Still to this day, embracing Mount
Allison's long-time axiom
Sana In Corpore Sano (healthy mind
in healthy body), the Athletics and
Recreation department strives to offer
something for everyone, with a double
commitment to inclusion and excel-
lence. Equaling its excellent academic
reputation, Mount Allison's intramu-
ral and recreation programs offer this
same value.
Intramural director Janet Robinson has
been with the program for over 35 years.
"Janet has developed the program
by Sue Seaborn
28 / Summer 2012 / RECORD