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Choleena DiTullio ('94)
writes, "Almost
three years ago, my experiences, my train-
ing, and my life landed at exactly a point
where I had an opportunity to become a
full-time artist. I jumped at the chance.
Today, my wish has become a reality. The
Town of Sackville just added my largest
artwork yet to their public art collection
-- an 11-foot-wide painting of a fish that
completely recycles a torn-apart Adiron-
dack chair. Even the fish's teeth are nails. It
is on permanent display in the new town
hall complex."

Shaunna Mowatt-Densmore ('94)
Lyle Densmore ('96)
are pleased to
announce the arrival of their daughter Mara
Frances Densmore on Mar. 14 '12 at 2:35
p.m. at the IWK in Halifax. Mara arrived
three weeks early weighing 5lbs8.7oz. Mara
joins big sister Avelin Claire, who is very
excited about her baby sister! We're all
doing well and would love to hear from
Mount A friends.
On Dec. 3 '11
Elizabeth Vlossak ('97)
ried John Grant in Toronto. Elizabeth is
an associate professor in the department
of history at Brock University. Her first
book, Marianne or Germania? Nationalizing
Women in Alsace, 1870-1946, was published
by Oxford University Press in '10.
Alisa (Mesheau) ('96)
Brad Alyward
are pleased to welcome their first child
-- Nathan Bradley -- born on Nov. 16 '11,
3:52 p.m., 6lbs15oz.
Don Moore ('96)
writes, "I just completed
my MBA at UniversitÚ de Moncton. It was a
pleasure to have several Mount Allison
University professors make the drive from
Sackville to Moncton to instruct in the pro-
gram at UdeM."
Hilary Young ('95)
has returned to New
Brunswick. She was recently appointed
to the Faculty of Law at the University of
New Brunswick.
Alexandra ChassÚ ('97)
won the top prize
for non-fiction in the Writers' Federation of
New Brunswick's annual literary competi-
tion for her essay Probably. She writes, "As
I currently reside in England, I was sad to
have missed the chance to meet the other
competition winners in what was said to be
a wonderful awards ceremony at the Owens
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