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36 / Summer 2012 / RECORD
s I took part in my third Convo-
cation this May, I thought about
how much I enjoy this very spe-
cial day. It always helps me discover much
about what it means to be an Allisonian.
This year there was great emphasis on
one of our great qualities -- people being
there for each other. It was something that
resonated not just with the graduates, but
with everyone who has ever been part of
this University. As the Class of 2012 faced
the moment of parting, there was comfort,
I think, in the knowledge they will always
be connected through the shared experi-
ence of Mount Allison, no matter where
life takes them.
The very seating arrangements at Convoca-
tion emphasize that graduates are not alone.
They sit in the centre of Convocation Hall.
Beside, behind, and above them sit their
family and friends, so excited to share this
moment. In front of the graduates are their
professors, filled with almost as much pride
as the parents, having given everything they
can give to help prepare these students for
the world ahead.
And then there are those who are not there,
but whose presence is felt all the same, the
20,000 graduates who have gone before, in
whose footsteps the Class of 2012 walk.
Not all of those graduates have changed the
world, but some of them have. Not all mem-
bers of the Class of 2012 will change the world
either, but all of them have what it takes to
make a huge impact through the way they live
and act within their families and communi-
ties. They have acquired all the basic tools they
need right here at Mount Allison and they
have that bonus: each other.
To the Class of 2012, our newest alumni:
Stay connected. Dare to be different. The
world is full of ordinary, full of average.
You have the ability to dare to be different.
And in so many ways, we'll be with you
every step of the journey.
Peter Mansbridge, Chancellor (LLD '99)
Stay connected,
dare to be different