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Mount Allison Record Summer 2012 No. 100 -- New Series
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President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Robert
Campbell, left, and valedictorian Jeffrey O'Hara.
here I was, strolling through the waterfowl park, contemplating upcoming events
for Reunion and Convocation when, rounding the boardwalk, I noticed a young
man leaning on the rail. His eyes darted furtively over the heaving marsh waters in a
desperate race to capture every detail of his surroundings. I could see he was scrambling over
a flood of memories, frantic to hold on to a moment that was as fleeting as it was delicious.
I recognized him and knew he would soon be graduating. I imagined him strolling through
town with that same sad but intense look, visiting all his favourite haunts. A coffee in the
Bridge Street Café, a pint at Ducky's, a trip to the farmers' market, a milkshake and burger
at Mel's, wings at George's Roadhouse, and a quiet, contemplative "think" at the swan pond.
The inevitability of what was about to occur seemed overwhelming. And likewise for many
about to graduate, Convocation represents a collision of joy and grief as their academic accom-
plishments run headlong into the realization that an amazing stage of their life is about to end.
What they should know, however, is that while life after graduation does change dramatically,
Mount Allison and sweet little Sackville will both always be here, waiting for their return.
Indeed, I witnessed the magic of this first hand during this year's Reunion, as alumni of all
ages could be seen beaming with joy as they crossed town and campus, reconnecting with the
people and places of their past. I might also add that they did so as if there was never a break!
As for the young man on the boardwalk, I did what any responsible Allisonian would do.
I gave him his space to quietly reminisce, happy in the knowledge that some day he would
be back.
Tony Frost
Record Editor,
editor's note
You can always come home again