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00 / Summer 2011 / RECORD
00 / Summer 2011 / RECORD
events & gatherings
For more photos from the events listed below, please visit Alumni Online:
Houston, Texas A
lumni Get-Together
UK Alumni L
4 / Summer 2012 / RECORD
Bermuda Alumni E
vent held in conjunc
with the Men's R
ugby Team's visit t
o Bermuda
Mount Allison's Athlet
ic Director Pierre Ar
senault presents
the Mount Allison U
niversity Federated A
lumni Association
Recognition Award t
o Jack ('74) and Lisa ('74) R
hind, who
as students and alumni h
ave contributed great
ly to the life
of Mount Allison Uni
Other events held:
Winnipeg and A
rea Alumni E
April 4, 2012