And as students walk off the stage, their Mount Allison career officially over, they are greeted by alumni — a reminder that they may be leaving Mount Allison, but they are forever part of the Mount Allison family. “It is a relationship that cannot be broken by time or distance,” alumni board president Sean Connors (’81) told this year’s graduates. “Your Mount Allison family is never far away.” Hierlihy seconds that. “There is always a connection no matter where you go,” she says. “No matter what group I belong to, there is always somebody there from Mount A.” Four honorary degrees were awarded during the 150th Convocation ceremony. This year’s honorees included James D. (Jim) Irving, co-CEO of J.D. Irving Limited; Oscar-nominated screenwriter and director Deepa Mehta; former New Brunswick ombudsman and child and youth advocate Bernard Richard; and Dr. Janet Rossant, chief of research and senior scientist at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. “The ability to adapt, to adjust to, to transcend, and to understand our universe is the precious gift this institution has given you,” Richard said in his address to the graduating class. Mehta spoke about the power of the imagination. “It opens the doors to possibilities,” she explained. “If I wish for you anything, I hope for a life of compassion.” In her valedictory address, Stobbs explained the Mount Allison experience is about more than academics. It is about being part of a real community — where you meet people you know crossing campus, where your professors know you by name, where students discover their passions and gifts, then turn around and use them to benefit others. And, we might add, where you are connected to 150 classes who have gone before you and the 150 or more yet to come. Historic photos: Mount Allison University Archives – Ref. nos. 2007.07/197, 1186, 1416-1418 University Chancellor Peter Mansbridge addresses the Class of 2013 on of high enviable re er p and a prou utation throughout learning has an and beyon d record o f ac dC its graduate s in all wa complishment estab anada lks of life.” Premier L lished by ou — 100th Co is J. Robichaud on th New Brunswick nvocation , May 1963 e occasion of the “If Howard today, the Sprague and Josiah yw W A llison ra ould find the face a ood could return dically cha nd outloo k n would see that her he ged. However, I am of Mount certain th art and so constant.” ey ul — the occasio Acting President W had remained n of the 10 . S. H. Cra 0th Convo w cation, Ma ford on “A college y 1963 ed profitable ucation lays the fou life, not on ndation fo r ly profession , but by th by specializing for an active e accumula a definite facts that wil tio the studen l be a fit basis for an n of principles and t to think y vocation fo . valedictor y address, r himself.” — Orla It teaches nd Atkinso May 1913 n, Some thin gs never ch “Today, th ange… is instituti / 15