ALUMNI PRESIDENT Mount Allison Alumni Board of Directors President: Sean M.Connors ’81 506-384-5570 Learning from the past with an eye on the future During the weekend your alumni board members were busy. Although we had a great time taking part in campus events, we also had formal meetings each day, beginning on May 9 when Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes (’72, LLD ’10) and his task force on Mount Allison alumni relations made public their report and recommendations. Many of you participated in the survey and are familiar with the task force’s work. The alumni board and the University administration have both gratefully accepted the report and are committed to analyzing it in greater detail. You can read the report at As an initial step, at the annual general meeting on May 11, a motion was passed that the alumni board establish an ad hoc committee to examine the report in detail and formulate a plan moving forward that addresses every recommendation in the report. Past alumni president David Rose (’90) will head the committee. During the weekend the alumni board was given an update on some exciting initiatives taken on by university archivist David Mawhinney. Of particular note is a project to document the stories of all Allisonians who served in the Great War and determine the best way to make their stories a living archive that is readily accessible to alumni today. David’s work is being supported by the archive committee of the alumni board and interested volunteers. What struck me most after reflecting upon this very busy time on campus was the wealth of energy of those many alumni volunteers who worked side by side with staff to deliver a fabulous experience for Reunion classes and graduates. Those who volunteer do so because they truly enjoy what they are doing and because of their loving relationship with Mount Allison. Their contributions of time and energy are extremely valued and appreciated. I encourage any of you who have an interest in becoming more involved to step forward and give it a try. The rewards are obvious. Sean Connors (’81) Alumni President Vice-President & Secretary: Christina Vroom (’96) 514-933-2935 Past President: David Rose (’90) 613-301-6442 Honorary President: Brian Black (’69) Directors: Anna Abbott (’04) 647-330-6454 Shannon (Casey) Black ’00 902-429-4847 Layton Fisher ’57 506-939-2935 Janet Harrison ’87 902-462-7055 Harriet (Bruun) Leggett ’61 506-466-3786 Harriet (Campbell) Meacher ’60 902-566-3677 Jill (Hemeon) Rafuse ’73 902-492-4523 Charles Scott ’83 902-832-4477 Michael R.Taylor ’03 516-637-9037 Owen Barnhill ’96 902-492-3881 Christina Vroom ’96 514-933-2935 Danny Williamson ’03 519-265-2541 Executive Director: Carolle de Ste-Croix ’90 Tel: 506-364-2348 Fax: 506-364-2262 W ell, what a Reunion and Convocation weekend it was from May 10–13. Mount Allison hosted the largest registration ever for Reunion (with several events filled to capacity) followed by Convocation ceremonies comprising one of the largest graduating classes ever.  Nominations Call — Nominations are open for the Alumni Board. The Board works to promote and motivate the participation of alumni and friends of Mount Allison with the University, through effective communication, events, and special initiatives. Address nominations to: Carolle de Ste-Croix, Alumni Office 65 York St., Sackville, NB E4L 1E4 or /3