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"I wanted as many people as possible to
attend," she says. "I thought it would be
a perfect chance to reconnect and catch
up with old friends and to make new
friends with classmates who may have been
acquaintances only. Reunion is another
opportunity to make more friends."
Crowley was pleased with the turnout of
35. One classmate, and Reunion commit-
tee member, Shari Swan ('89), came all the
way from the Netherlands. Crowley says
the most memorable part of the weekend
for her was having the entire class stay
together at Hunton House.
For Don ('09) and Leone ('88) Campbell,
Mount Allison is a family tradition and
Reunion is an annual event. Two of their
children, Arthur ('90) and Barbara ('94),
and Barbara's husband, Jason Hicks ('93),
graduated from Mount Allison. Their son
Doug Campbell and his wife Amanda
Cockshutt teach biology and biochem-
istry at the University, and their grand-
daughter, Rosemary, is a member of the
Class of '17.
Leone attained an Arts degree from
Mount Allison in 1988 after transfer-
ring to Sackville for Don's work with the
Royal Bank. She garnered her first degree
from St. Francis Xavier in 1959. Don be-
gan his journey at Mount Allison in 1989.
After working full time and teaching
English in Poland upon retirement, Don
graduated in 2009. This year marked his
five-year Reunion.
"Between us we know people from pretty
much every class in the past 25 years," says
Leone. "We come back every year for the
social connection and, even though we live
in town, we always stay in residence for the
complete experience."
Dr. Clarence "Tessi" Terceira ('49) was
part of the oldest class to attend this year's
Reunion. The Class of 1949 had seven
classmates return. Terceira makes a point
to come back every five years for Reunion
from Bermuda. He says he has only missed
one in the past 65 years.
"It is important because Mount A really
meant so much in my maturing," he says.
His 65th Reunion was made even more
special this year by getting to share it with
his grandson, Matthew Ranson, who is a
member of the Class of '14.
"It was marvellous to see him graduate,"
he says. "I would say everyone should come
back to Reunion to meet your friends, but
also particularly to see the differences at
the University, and, if you get the chance,
attend the graduation."
Terceira plans to return for his 80th Re-
union in 2029, when he will be 102.
"Even if I'm the only one that shows up, I
can still call it a Reunion," he laughs.
Next year's Reunion years end in `5' and
`0.' A special Reunion is being planned for
life class officers and a joint reunion for the
classes of '75 and '76. For more informa-
tion on Reunion, visit
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Mary McInnes ('49), Clarence "Tessi" Terceira ('49), and his grandson Matt Ranson ('14)
Classmates gather in Tweedie Hall during
the Garnet and Gold Gala to reminisce
Penny (Fahner) Harding ('64) on campus
during Reunion Weekend