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26 / Summer 2014 / RECORD
ndy and Dale Foster recent-
ly gifted $25,000 to Mount
Allison to establish a Fine
Arts scholarship for upper-
year students. The pair grew up in New
Brunswick -- Andy in Moncton and
Dale in Hampton. Andy's family was
well connected to the local arts com-
munity and to Mount Allison's Owens
Art Gallery.
Andy's mother, Zoe (Hughes) Foster,
took art courses at Mount Allison and his uncle, EJ Hughes, was
a well-known Canadian artist on the West Coast. He was a war
artist, along with the late Alex Colville ('42), and one of his works
remains in the Owens' collection. This strong family connection to
the arts inspired Andy and Dale to commemorate Andy's mother
and uncle by establishing an endow-
ment for a named Fine Arts scholarship
at Mount Allison.
"The Owens and the arts scene at
Mount Allison were always important
to Andy's mother especially, so when
his parents passed away we thought
there was no better way to remember
them and his uncle as well," says Dale.
Dale and Andy have lived in New-
foundland for the past 25 years, both teaching at Memorial Univer-
sity. Dale is a faculty member in business and Andy is the associate
dean of science.
B.C. Coast (Sketch for a Canvas), Collection of the Owens Art
Gallery, E J Hughes
A gift to commemorate
a family's love of the Arts
Dale and Andy Foster