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s many of you may remember from the Fall
2013 edition of the
Record, I explained that
our new alumni website, to be launched in
the fall of 2014, was designed to offer information
and opportunities for our alumni to "Get Connect-
ed," "Get Informed," "Get Involved," "Get What
You Need," and "Give Back."
After you have read this edition of the
Record, which
is full of images and stories from Reunions past and
present, I would like to invite you to "get involved"
with Reunion. Reunion is changing and evolv-
ing. Every year more alumni attend and we are ac-
tively looking for ways to involve more student and
alumni volunteers. At Reunion 2014, a total of 28
student volunteers and delegates assisted with every
part of Reunion from registration to event planning
and parking. This came to a total of 485 volunteer
hours. That is over 17 volunteer hours per student
over a two-and-a-half day period. Rather impressive.
This year, we introduced the concept of a Reunion
Committee with the classes of '64 and '89. We in-
vited all of the members of the class to get involved
and assist their life class officers with Reunion
planning. It went so well that next year we will be
doing this with all classes. Thank you to all the vol-
unteers who made Reunion 2014 such a success.
Going forward, all of you will be invited to assist
the class officers in planning your Reunion. We have
position descriptions for all of the volunteer opportu-
nities involved with Reunion. This includes position
descriptions for those of you interested in assisting
with social media, social events, class programming,
and finding alumni for whom we do not have
contact information. Volunteers will work closely
with the alumni relations office and their life
class officers to build fun and engaging Reunion
programs for their class. To volunteer please contact
The Five G's -- Reunion Edition
Carolle de Ste-Croix ('90)
Director of Alumni Relations