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Laura Boyd ('13)
writes from Lyon, France this
winter, "
Anna Barmby ('13)
and myself set off
for our backpacking Europe trip four weeks ago and
have already seen so much! The one thing that you
do not realize when you depart on a big trip is how
much you miss seeing a friendly face, any friendly
face. That feeling first led us to visit
David White
in Nantes, France. Luckily we got to meet up
with more friendly faces.
Callie Bowman ('13)
is teaching English in Lyon and
Sean Robertson
, is studying his master's in Orsay, just outside
of Paris. He also joined us for the weekend along
Laura Kelly ('13)
. Front left to right: Carolyn
(Callie) Bowman, Laura Boyd, Anna Barmby, Laura
Kelly and Sean Robertson, all class of 2013.
The Stone family of Bath, NB recently got a group
photo in their garnet and gold. From left to right:
Mackenzie ('14), Andrew ('17)
Chris ('12)
, and
Troy (Papa) Stone ('87)
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