Student Spotlight Josh MacDougall (’16) Really Freakin’Clever Drama student uses love of video games to produce YouTube sensation BY LAURA DILLMAN RIPLEY Many of us from a certain generation will remember the rise of video games — Zelda, Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog. Fourth-year student Josh MacDougall of Tyne Valley, PEI has taken his love of these and other vintage video games to a new level, creating the popular YouTube channel Really Freakin’ Clever. MacDougall began producing videos for Really Freakin’ Clever in 2013 as a first-year student in Hunton House. “It’s a comedy show where I take a look at ‘classic’ videogames, and try to figure out exactly what makes them so good, alongside other nerdy skits and videos,” says MacDougall. “I was always a fan of similar YouTube channels and eventually decided I should give it a try myself.” And it caught on quickly. Really Freakin’ Clever boasts more than 85,000 subscribers and has garnered over 7 million views since its establishment about two-and-a-half years ago. The channel has done so well that YouTube provides an honorarium to MacDougall for his contributions. He has also been invited to speak at two international gaming conferences — SGC in Dallas and the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston in March 2015. For each video MacDougall writes a script outlining the episode. He then gets to work recording footage of the game alongside live-action video. It takes about two weeks to complete each episode. His YouTube experience also pairs well with his studies. MacDougall is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in drama with a minor in Music. He has been involved in several productions in the drama program in the Motyer-Fancy Theatre and sang in the popular Beatles collegium this past spring. A self-described “theatre/musical theatre nerd” MacDougall hopes to combine his entertainers’ experience from YouTube with his drama degree and pursue a career in acting. “It’s a comedy show where I take a look at ‘classic’ videogames, and try to figure out exactly what makes them so good...” –Josh MacDougall (’16) “I love being involved in all of the shows at Mount Allison — singing and acting is my passion. I hope to find my way into the world of acting: Broadway or Hollywood, here I come!” he says. Visit Really Freakin’ Clever on YouTube at 8 / THE RECORD / Summer 2015