More than 600 Mount Allison alumni, friends, graduates, and their families were treated to a little bit of glitz and glamour during Reunion Weekend at a special dessert gala to celebrate the University’s 175th anniversary. The sold out event featured a red carpet, spotlights, and — of course — an array of decadent desserts. Held in the new Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts, the gala was also an opportunity for returning alumni to visit Mount Allison’s newest building. The Centre welcomed its first students in September 2014. “I am a Science grad, so I probably would not have come in otherwise,” says Anne Campbell (’75). “But it is really fascinating to see the studios. It is like laboratories — art laboratories is really what they are.” The whole venue acted as a gallery to display student artwork and guests were free to visit all of the art studios, where a few faculty members were on hand to show off their particular areas. “It has the vibe of a big city event venue,” says Elizabeth (O’Brien) Lennox (’76). “It is unusually designed, very sophisticated.” Mary Jane (Clark) Young (’65) was attending her 50th Reunion with her husband Bob Young (’62). “I love the architecture,” she says. “It was a nice idea to get people into the building and tour the different levels.” Music student Magnus (Max) Keenlyside (’17) constantly had a crowd gathered around as he set the mood with early jazz and stride piano pieces and graduating drama student Ian McMullen (’15) charmed those in attendance with his portrayal of Charles F. Allison during a monologue delivered in the Motyer-Fancy Theatre. “It was kind of daunting to take on, but I tried not to worry too much,” McMullen says of bringing Mount Allison’s founder to life for the celebration. “The audience always brings so much to a performance and this one was very happy.” Alumni Board member Scott Yorke (’08) thought he was just getting a tour of the new theatre and was delighted to get to take in a live performance instead. “I was a tour guide and an admissions counsellor, but even I learned a couple of things about our history,” he says. “The theatre was a highlight. I love the acoustics, the raw finishes with wood and concrete. It is very cool.” President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Robert Campbell delivered a toast honouring the University’s past, present, and future. “Mount Allison is more than a place, is more than a building, is more than awards,” he told guests. “Mount Allison is a dream, it is the people who have that dream, and it is the people who make that dream come true: a building like this, a campus like this, an experience like no other.” The event wrapped up with a rendition of the Alma Mater song sung by the Alumni Choir, under the direction of Wayne Rogers (‘71), minister of music at St. Matthew’s United Church in Halifax, and conductor at EnChor East. 1 2 cake! Left hand page: Some of the decadent desserts at the 175th Dessert Gala held Reunion Weekend 1. President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Robert Campbell delivers a toast during the dessert gala celebrating Mount Allison’s 175th anniversary 2. Don Hopkins (’60) and Beatrice “Beau” Prince (‘50) walk the red carpet at the gala Dessert gala celebrating Mount Allison’s 175th anniversary a sweet success BY ALOMA JARDINE 15