12 Feature Stories MOUNT ALLISON’S 175TH KITCHEN PARTY The University celebrated its 175th anniversary in style with a Kitchen Party featuring the all-alumni line-up David Myles, In-Flight Safety, and the Barra MacNeils 14 175TH DESSERT GALA Read about the sweet event where Mount Allison founder Charles Frederick Allison himself made an appearance I am proud to chair the Alumni Board Recruitment Committee. Our mandate is to work with the admissions office to find ways in which alumni can become involved in the recruitment of prospective students. Alumni will be hearing a lot more from our committee in the future. Past-president Sean Connors (’81) launched a “call to action” to all members of our community at our annual general meeting in May. 16 2015 ALUMNI AWARD WINNERS Incredible alumnae were honoured for their accomplishments during Reunion Weekend 18 REUNION CLASS PHOTOS See who made it back for Reunion Many of you often ask us what you can do for Mount Allison beyond providing financial support or volunteering. Due to the changing demographics in Atlantic Canada, Mount Allison is finding itself with a serious student recruitment situation — the same facing most post-secondary institutions in the region. What can you do? As alumni, your “call to action” is to identify prospective students and talk to them about Mount Allison. Do you know any high school students in your hometown? Is a neighbour’s child ready to consider university? Prospective students can come from all over the world. This is the single most important and valuable thing you can do for your alma mater right now. Send us prospective student’s names and contact information using this form (www.mta.ca/referastudent) and we will put one of our recruiters in touch with them to provide additional information. Once identified, the University will take the relationship from there to help educate them on the value of the MtA experience, and to encourage the prospective student to explore the possibility of attending Mount Allison. The recruitment committee is working hand-in-hand with the University to explore innovative new ways to recruit students in a very competitive market. This is the perfect opportunity for us to show the strength of our alumni community as a whole. To find out more about the work of the recruitment committee, you can read our annual report on the website at http://www.mta.ca/alumni/reports. Owen Barnhill (’96) Mount Allison University Alumni Board Recruitment Committee Board Notes 1