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14 | WINTER 2011
"Sweetheart" worked in different art studios until 1987
and ran her own larger design company for 15 years,
SweetPea Design Studio, which included 15 artists and a
sales representative. She admits she wasn't much of a
businesswoman, so decided to downsize and change the
name. She now has a small, two-person business, Elizabeth
Sweetheart Designs.
"Sweetheart" traded in her large Manhattan studio on 40th
Street for a smaller home studio in Brooklyn. She paints and
her husband Robert, an artist and history buff, works with
her to collect vintage print fabrics. She is in Manhattan every
day to meet with clients and find vintage fabrics for her
substantial collection.
She works with many big-name manufacturers, such as
Michael Kors, Liz Claiborne, Calvin Klein, American Eagle
Outfitters, and Ralph Lauren, who buy prints and commis-
sion artwork from her for their lines.
"It's really a small world, even in New York City. People hear
about Sweetheart and recommend me to designers and
people looking for fine art work. There aren't many people
left in this business who really do original fine art work."
Left page: (Left) Home furnishing design commissioned by
P. Kaufman; (Top right) Birdbath, 1995; (Bottom right)
Sundial, 1995.
Right page: (Top) Design commissioned by Ralph Lauren;
(Bottom left) Fabric design commissioned by Duralee
Fabrics; (Bottom right) Wallpaper design.