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University | 15
She also paints designs for home furnishings, like wallpaper
and furniture, as well as packaging. And recently painted a
toile -- a scenic fine art drawing with sepias and monotones
on fabric -- for the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.
"Accomplishments are not in my mind," she says. "The
people who commission my work love it, and so do I.
That's what really matters."
Being an artist, she says, is all she ever wanted to do. During
the war, while her parents were practicing medicine, her
grandparents taught her how to paint. She has had a paint-
brush in her hand since the age of two.
"My grandparents had a cabin on the Bay of Fundy, so
we were always there sitting on the rocks and painting
sunsets," she says.
To this day, her favourite thing to paint is outdoor
watercolour scenes. When she returns to the Maritimes to
spend time with her 100-year-old mother in Shediac, she
sits by the Bay and paints -- always including a little green in
her work of course.