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20 | WINTER 2011
By Melissa Lombard
Opera singer Sally Dibblee says all of her earliest memories
are musical. She can remember sitting on a wharf as a
small child, swinging her feet in the water and singing.
"I have a terrible memory, but I seem to remember lots of
musical connections," she says.
When she was in junior high and high school she would be
the lead in musicals and sing, along with pianist Anne-
Katherine Dionne ('88), at events in her hometown of
Woodstock, NB. Her voice brought her to Mount Allison's
Music program where she found her love of opera.
"My singing professor, Dr. James Stark, was the one who
got the ball rolling for me. He started me on my career
path of today. I give him so much credit for helping shape
and find the voice that eventually led me to opera stages."
A life in the opera
Sally Dibblee ('88)