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In October
Kelly Nelson ('76)
was appointed
vice-president of the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of Nova Scotia 2010-2011 Council.
Kelly is chief financial officer and secretary at
High Liner Foods Inc., in Lunenburg.
William Kierstead ('82)
writes, "Hi everyone.
I have been seconded from my position at
School District 16 office in Miramichi to the
position of Director of the 21st Century
Research Office at the New Brunswick
Department of Education."
Dak Conklin ('85)
, his wife Janette, and their
three boys live in Cornwall, PEI. Dak is currently
a sales and technical consultant for millwork
and stone on hospitality projects in North
America and the Caribbean. His main clients the
past year have been Merric, Inc. from St. Louis, MO
and Gemona Stone from Beverly Hills, CA and he
has provided millwork and stone for such brands
as Marriott and Hilton. Dak had been director of
sales and design/engineering for five years with
Cabinetmaster Architectural Woodwork Ltd. out
of Charlottetown, where he worked in the hospi-
tality sector as well. Dak is pictured, right, with his
three sons at the Kennedy Space Centre.
Melanie Brown ('85)
writes "Just wondering
if any of my classmates now find themselves in
Europe? I have been living in Paris for the past
year and would love to reconnect if so."
Deborah Hornsby ('86)
recently received her
doctorate, earning an EdD in Educational
Leadership. She also married Steven Edwards in
July. The newlyweds reside in Honolulu, HI, where
Debbie is the Chair for the College of Education
with University of Phoenix, Hawaii Campus, and
Steve is Vice-President with the Bank of Hawaii.
Susan Bour ('86)
has been appointed a senior
Crown attorney in the Bridgewater, NS office of
the Public Prosecution Service.
Leigh Ann Cumming ('92)
writes, "I have been
living for the past three years in Cambridge Bay,
NU with my husband, Keith. This summer we
returned home to Bathurst, NB to visit family and
friends. While home, I caught up with several of
my Mount A friends --
Veronique Deniger
Charline Melanson ('93)
, and
Poirier ('98)
. Charline and I even made a trip to
Sackville. So much has changed since we were
students. It was wonderful to reconnect with
Mount Allison and the memories that were
made." Leigh Ann, right, and Charline are pho-
tographed here near the Swan Pond.
Tara Wilkie ('91)
has come up with a highly
visible way for parents of children who suffer
from a nut allergy to share that information
with others -- temporary tattoos. They go on
with water, are removed with baby oil, and the
non-toxic and hypoallergenic inks are FDA
approved. Great for summer camp, school, field
trips, birthday parties, and more.
Scott Woodruff ('96)
writes, "On Nov. 1 '10
my daughter Annika Woodruff was born in
Toronto, weighing in at 7lb 6oz. If she has her
Daddy's swagger, her mother's good looks, and
an undying love for all things Johnny Cash, I'll
be an even happier man than I already am."
Sam Itani ('96)
writes, "In July
(Parker) Robertson ('96)
and I hosted "21
Union Reunion" -- a get-together for our class
of '96 housemates (plus spouses and kids!) in
the Haliburton Highlands, ON. Some flew in
from as far away as BC, AB, and NB. We spent
a lot of time laughing, catching up, and
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