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2 | WINTER 2011
Mission: Possible
hen I was younger, one of my favourite TV series was Mission: Impossible. Each
week I found myself riveted as the IMF's (Impossible Missions Force) elite oper-
ations unit carried out their missions against ridiculous odds.
Just recently I was reminded of the series (and recent film adaptations featuring Tom
Cruise) as I reviewed the research we had collected during the University's branding
project. We held a series of focus groups on campus and almost all of the participants
told us that they came here because of an Allisonian's "influence."
Without warning the iconic theme music from Mission: Impossible began playing in
my head as I imagined a legion of highly-trained Mount Allison "operatives,"wearing
Garnet and Gold decoder rings, meeting covertly with prospective students.
And why wouldn't they help in recruitment (even that sounds covert!)? The brand
research also found that alumni, students, faculty, and staff considered Mount Allison
to be, without exception, the best undergraduate university in Canada. Talk about an
elite operations unit!
Leaving aside my active imagination for a moment, there is an important factor that
cannot be denied in terms of university impact. The world is becoming a more
complex and integrated place. Student mobility is at an all-time high and we find
ourselves in a competition for the best and brightest with institutions from not just the
Atlantic region or even Canada, but from all over the world.
While the University currently enjoys great success in terms of reputation building,
student recruitment, fund raising, etc., it will need to respond to a world that is getting
more challenging for all universities -- especially smaller ones. The branding project
is a big part of this, as it will help us articulate what makes us different and compelling.
To continue to be successful we must extend our reach to future generations in new
and unfamiliar places.
And that's where you come in:
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infuse others with your unbridled
passion for Mount A. As always, should you or any of your MTA Force be caught,
knowledge of your actions will be disavowed. This magazine will self-destruct in five
seconds. Good luck.
Cue the theme music: dun, dun, dun, dun, dun...
Tony "007" Frost
Editor of the Mount Allison Record,
University Advancement
(506) 364-2345 |