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"We are providing quality of life and hope to a group of patients
that had no hope as little as 10 years ago," MacArthur says.
"MCS will undoubtedly transform the treatment of end-stage
heart failure over the course of my career. It's a privilege to be
part of these advances."
Mount Allison alumni can be found in nearly every fi eld of medicine.
Th ere is Dr. Mark Steeves ('99), an orthopedic surgeon in Ottawa; Dr.
Jeff Mowat ('93), chief of radiology at Th e Moncton Hospital; and Dr.
Dianne Mosher ('79), chief of the rheumatology division of the depart-
ment of medicine at the University of Calgary.
Mosher's passion is improving access to care for those with arthri-
tis. So oft en dismissed as a symptom of aging, Mosher was the lead
on a recent report that found arthritis costs the country $33.2
billion a year. She hopes it will open people's eyes to the severity of
the problem and the perils of ignoring it.
Mosher says Mount Allison has had a reputation as a producer
of medical school candidates for years. It is one of the reasons
she picked the University and it was something she continued
to see as a member of the admissions committee at Dalhousie
University in the 1990s.
She says medical schools are looking for well-rounded students
who not only excel academically, but have other interests.
Mowat agrees.
"You need to develop that part of your life," he says. "To balance
your academics with your extracurriculars is what it takes to be a
good physician."
Mount Allison alumni have gone on to be among the best in the
world in their fi elds. Dr. Marc Pelletier ('90) worked his way up
to being the main surgeon doing heart and heart-lung transplants
at Stanford Medical Centre, considered the world's best heart
transplant centre.
But while professionally rewarding, he felt he was missing his four
children grow up, so a few years ago the family moved back to new
Brunswick and Pelletier became head of the department of cardiac
surgery at the new Brunswick Heart Centre in Saint John.
Pelletier had always planned to go to McGill, but in his last year
of high school he billeted with two Mount Allison graduates who
convinced him Mount A would be a better fi t.
14 / Winter 2012 / RECORD
I spent 17 years training after
high school and the most
important ones were the four
I spent at Mount Allison
-- Dr. Roderick MacArthur ('92)
Dr. Marc Pelletier ('90)
Dr. Jeff Mowat ('93)