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A few of the Moun
t Allison alumni w
ho have gone on
to medicine:
dr. Kimberle
y Amiraul-r
yan (`95)
, performance con
for the Edmonto
n Oilers and lead o
f sport psycholog
y for the Canadia
Olympic Comm
ittee for the 2012 O
dr. david B
owes ('01)
, radiation onc
ologist, nova S
Cancer Centre, u
ndergraduate me
dical education p
rogram director
with the departm
ent of radiation o
ncology at Dalh
ousie University
dr. chriso
pher Brynia
k ('98)
, forensic psych
iatrist, Saint
John (cover)
dr. nancy Gr
an ('69)
, radiation oncol
ogist, Saint John
Hospital (retired i
n December 201
1); established H
ospice Saint John
Inc. and helped e
stablish Bobby's H
ope House (cove
dr. susan Joh
nson ('90)
, psychiatrist, n
orth Bay, On
dr. Henri L
ancin ('76)
, urologist in M
innesota, part o
Project Haiti, w
hich works with H
aitian doctors to i
nstruct them
in modern surgi
cal techniques
dr. roderick M
acArhur ('9
, program direct
or, division of
cardiac surgery, U
niversity of Albe
rta Hospital; dir
ector, mechanica
circulatory suppo
rt program, Maz
ankowski Albert
a Heart Institute
dr. paricia M
accallum ('9
, ear, nose, and t
hroat surgeon,
Th e Moncton H
dr. William M
cinyre ('06)
, second year, in
ternal medicine,
Queen's Univers
ity; awarded a 20
11 Canadian Ca
rdiovascular Soci
Have a Heart bur
sary for promisin
g cardiovascular r
esearch trainees
dr. dianne M
osher ('79)
, chief of the rhe
umatology divis
department of m
edicine, Univers
ity of Calgary
dr. Jeff Mow
a ('93)
, chief of radiolo
gy, Th e Moncton H
dr. sacy o
'Blenes ('90)
, pediatric card
iac surgeon, IW
Health Centre, H
dr. Leslie p
aerson ('9
, obstetrician a
nd gynecologist
Saint John Regi
onal Hospital
dr. Marc pe
lleier ('90)
, clinical depart
ment head, card
surgery, new Br
unswick Heart C
dr. John M. s
eeves ('70)
, associate dean
, Dalhousie Me
School new Bru
dr. Mark s
eeves ('99)
, orthopedic sur
geon, currently t
ing in vancouve
r, moving to the M
ontfort Hospita
l in Ottawa this
dr. phil tib
bo ('86)
, psychiatrist, D
r. Paul Janssen C
hair in
Psychotic Disor
ders at Dalhous
ie University
dr. naasha t
urner ('93)
, doctor of natu
ropathic medici
founder of the C
lear Medicine c
linic in Toront
o, author of Th e
Hormone Diet
dr. duncan W
ebser ('93)
, infectious diseas
e specialist, Saint J
"One thing has become clear to me. I think I would have been
lost if I had gone to a big school," he says. "I would have been one
of a thousand instead of one out of a couple of hundred and I was
one of just a few thinking about medicine."
And there are always a few.
Mount Allison continues to produce graduates eager to move
on to a career in medicine. Four Mount Allison graduates --
Charlotte Edwards ('09), Laura Stymiest ('11), Kavish Chandra
('09, '11), and Scott Lee ('09) -- are currently attending
Dalhousie Medical School new Brunswick.
Other students have gone on to medical school in other parts of
the country, like nicole Robichaud ('11) and Sean Rasmussen
('11), who are attending McMaster University.
"I knew it would be a stepping stone," Pelletier says of Mount
Allison. "I knew it wouldn't be my last university, but it would be
my fi rst and in terms of laying a foundation, it would be the best
place for me to be."
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Dr. Phil Tibbo ('86)