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18 / Winter 2012 / RECORD
MacDonald says the Rhodes Scholar-
ship was an exceptional opportunity, and
it opened doors to diverse and fulfi lling
professional and academic experiences.
She says it was also an extremely benefi cial
personal experience.
"Some of my closest friends are fellow
Scholars, and the opportunity to spend
two years with such a dynamic and invested
community of people was inspiring and
motivating," she says.
Susan Humphrey, from Campbellton, nB,
is currently in her second year of a Master
of Philosophy in Comparative Politics.
She says Mount Allison prepared her well
for her time at Oxford.
"One of the things I value most about my
education from Mount Allison is how it
encouraged and enabled me to truly
my education," says Humphrey. "It has
pushed me to always ask questions about
what it is that I'm putting in, taking away,
and getting out of my work and to take
action if I happen not to like the answers."
She says Mount Allison also taught her to
appreciate the simple things in life.
"Whether it's an aft ernoon sipping tea at
the Bridge Street Café, taking the night off
at Ducky's, or spending time wandering
through the Waterfowl Park, memories
of Sackville remind me how important it
is to step back, relax, and recharge when
life in Oxford gets just a little too hectic."
She continues to keep a busy schedule,
as she did at Mount Allison. One of her
main extracurriculars, synonymous with
Oxford, is rowing.
"Aft er just one short outing on the river
with little to no idea about what I was
doing, I was hooked," she says.
She is scheduled to fi nish her Master's in
2012 and plans to take a year to travel, refl ect,
and explore what she wants to do next.
Kelly O'Connor, a resident of Kelowna, BC
and graduate of Lester B. Pearson College of
the Pacifi c, began her Master's of Science
in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies
at Oxford in 2011.
Mount Allison taught her to dream big.
"I would not be where I am today without
the kind encouragement of my professors,
friends, and Mount Allison's administra-
tion. All of these factors contributed to my
preparation for both the Rhodes applica-
tion and my experiences at Oxford," says
With a community of bright, accomplished,
and committed Scholars around her, she
says the Rhodes experience has already been
an extremely enriching process, but she says
she does not believe she will truly appreciate
the impact of the Rhodes until a few years
down the road.
More than 30 years ago, Matthew Jocelyn
('79) was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship a
year aft er graduating from Mount Allison.
He was encouraged to apply by mentor and
Rhodes Scholar, the late Arthur Motyer
('45). Jocelyn, a theatre director originally
from Stratford, On, is now artistic and
general director of one of Canada's leading
not-for-profi t contemporary theatre com-
panies, Canadian Stage, in Toronto.
He has lived and worked all over the world.
While at Oxford, he studied French the-
atre and had the opportunity to travel to
Poland and Paris. He says the experience
opened up all kinds of possibilities.
It was very
exciting and
a bit scary to
win the Rhodes.
It certainly was
a turning point
in my life...
Sarah (Maybee) Crowe ('81)
Kelly O'Connor
('11) (left)
Matthew Jocelyn