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At the final meeting of the Pine Hill Divinity
Hall Alumni, the Rev.
Vic Moriarty ('39)
Moncton was named Alumnus of the Year. Vic
graduated from Pine Hill Divinity Hall in 1943
and was ordained by the Maritime Conference of
the United Church of Canada the same year.
Gwyneth Davies Hoyle ('48)
writes, "I would
like to add something to the story on page 10 of
the Summer 2011 Record. We moved to Sackville
in 1940 when my father,
L.E.G. Davies (1912)
became the minister of the United Church there.
Before he entered the ministry he had studied
art and lithography in Dundee, Scotland, and
in many places in the Maritimes he had done
illuminated parchments, lettering them in Old
English and decorating them using powdered
gold in addition to tempera. Very soon after our
arrival in Sackville, he was given the annual task
of hand-lettering the graduation diplomas.
Some time in April each year a stack of parch-
ments would arrive from the Tribune Printing
Company, followed by the list of graduates
from the registrar. For the next few weeks, he
hand-lettered in Old English script, the hundred
or so diplomas, ready for graduation day early
in May, fitting it in with all the rest of his regular
church duties. I am very proud to have one of his
hand-lettered diplomas."
During the recent meeting of the Maritime
Conference of the United Church of Canada,
five members of the Class of 1954 at Mount A
and Pine Hill Divinity Hall Class of 1956 were
recognized for 55 years of ministry. Total
service of the five -- 275 years. Left to right
Don Murray
Jim MacDonald
George Mossman
Bob Mills
Rev. Dr. Doug "Stretch" MacEachern ('54)
spoke at an ecumenical service in Nova Scotia
celebrating the incorporation of his home-
town, Trenton, NS. In September, he spoke at
the 125th anniversary of Salem United Church
in Tatamagouche Mountain, NS.
Don Moore's ('59, '61)
third novel, The Alpha
Contention, will be published in 2012.
Doug Carson ('58)
and wife Barbra Carson,
Dean Kyle ('58)
and wife Audrey Kyle, and
Bill Smith ('58)
and wife Yvonne Smith,
all married in Dec. '60. Through the years we
have had several anniversary celebrations,
but to commemorate our 50th, we visited
Buenos Aries and from there we sailed to
Antarctica. Destinations included Port Stan-
ley, Falkland Islands; Elephant Island, Antarc-
tica; Ushuaia, Argentina; Cape Horn, Chile; and
Montevideo, Uruguay. The weather for the most
part was good and we saw lots of penguins.
Sweet little Sackville
on the marsh.
Music, interesting
people, conversation,
little shops with nice stuff,
good food, and a feeling
everything's going to be okay.
Bring us your boredom,
we'll trash it for free.
The Cultural Crossroads of the Maritimes