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On Saturday morning, Dec. 10 '11 at 6:12 a.m.,
Allan H. Adams ('65)
and his Tanzanian
guide reached Uhuru Peak at 5,895 metres,
the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, as the sun
rose over the distant African plains. This was
Allan's sixth, and final, ascent of the moun-
tain, despite it being one of the greatest
challenges, and, at the same time, greatest
rewards of his trekking and climbing career.
It has been 50 years since
Elton Georges ('65)
came from the tiny British Virgin Islands (BVI)
(present population, 28,000) to Mount Allison,
thus beginning an association between the
BVI and Mount A that has seen several other
Islanders benefit from the wonderful education
that Mount A has to offer. Some got together
recently to celebrate the anniversary and remi-
nisce fondly about the Sackville experience.
Left to right are
Elihu Rhymer ('71)
, who
shared his impressions from a visit to the
campus last June;
Noni Georges ('98)
Elton's daughter;
Brenda Lettsome-
Tye ('88)
; Charles and
Jennie Wheatley ('70)
Hannah (Smith) Rose ('72)
writes, "Well,
at an age when my classmates are retiring or
considering it, I'm dream-planning a creative
centre here in the Annapolis Valley that will
teach people of any age how to follow their
dreams. I just hope to live long enough to see
it happen. Forty years -- are they sure? I didn't
think baby boomers actually aged, did you?"
Patricia Mercer ('72)
says, "This year I spent
five months with the World Council of Church's
Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Pal-
estine/Israel. EAPPI supports Palestinians and
Israelis in their non-violent actions and advo-
cacy efforts to bring a just peace to the Holy
Land. I spent three months in Jayyous and two
months in Yanoun experiencing the impact of
the occupation on people's lives. I am now
`telling the story' of my experiences at home."
After many years of teaching art,
(Duggan) Manning ('72)
recently retired
and is now focusing on her own art. She
was pleased to attend the graduation of her
, who received a BA and BSc
from Mount A in 2010.
Ruth Buchanan Bird ('75)
says, "On a gor-
geous day in June, in the company of close
friends and family, my common-law spouse
(John Bird) and I tied the knot. John's son was
best man, my sister matron of honour, and my
two children `gave away the bride' in a simple
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